Racial Slurs, Being Bullied, Verbal Abuse, This Is Not How I Wanted My Life To Be.

Everyone, you definitely need to please pay attention to how you treat other people.  I feel this needs to be said because all too often the perpetrators are just way too callous.  One of the reasons I hate 21st Century America is because now days rudeness seems to be priority one.  Its a mentality of lets hurt someone else.   What we have today are people getting killed by guns, among  other violence like physical, sexual assaults but whats often overlooked are the VERBAL assaults.

It’s gotten very out of hand!  I mean its real bad.   Take it from me who has been on the receiving end of severe bullying to have included getting several racial slurs as well as death threats screamed at me while on a public bus 3 years ago and nothing was done.   Begin by treating each other with kindness instead of tormenting one another.   I just don’t understand society at large, here I came from a very abusive family, was taken away from my Mother when I was 8 years old, witnessed all sorts of violence to include that done to my own Mother, and had such vile verbal assaults done to me by my Mother, former Stepmother, Stepfather, my Father (who was guilty of pure neglect) ….and I seem to have a better handle at how to treat another human being than most of you out there.   Today I just can’t stand this century where narcissistic attitudes & being rude seem commonplace.   Things sure have gotten worse not better.  Sometimes I feel like I’m on an alien planet.