Paula Deen SHAME ON YOU! Your A Disgrace!

If I were to sit across from Chef Paula Deen I would ask her this question?  Did you learn your hateful racist terms from your own family while you were growing up?  I’m just curious Paula.

Thank you for re-traumatizing me all over again.  Thanks for showing us just how ignorant you really are.  Wow, so instead of seeing us African Americans as loving human beings you took a step waaaay backwards to the horrific times when African Americans suffered FAR worse than we do today with such indignities as hearing that aberration of a word!  You deserved to lose your coveted job both on the Food Cable network as well as the QVC shopping channel.

I must say that hate & ignorance never fails to rear its ugly head!  ….towards African Americans that is.  Your really going to have a lot to make up for with us Ms Deen.  A lot.   Ms Deen are you aware that not that long ago we weren’t allowed to drink out of the same water fountains, eat at a lunch counter, use the same bathrooms, use a separate entrance at businesses were among a ,very long list of places where African had to check their dignity at the door the back door that is. African Americans were mandated by Jim Crow laws of the South to sit at the back of all public transportation  buses, we had to stay in separate hotels, pay our bus fare at the front of the bus then go back outside of the bus to enter through the rear door, and if a African American man looked at a Caucasion woman the wrong way or said anything at all,  it merited a death sentence by the very same laws of Jim Crow.  Did you know Ms Deen that African Americans risked their lives to have the right to VOTE!  Those who spoke out for the freedoms the very same freedoms that is written  in the U.S Constituition ran a HIGH RISK of getting killed,  having their houses bombed, being lynched, having the Klan pay a late night visit to terrorize an African American family or kidnap & murder them, There was a time when no African American was ever safe! Danger for African Americans was 24/7!  No I suppose you wouldn’t know such things after all this is something that you would not care to know about us right?  Ms Paula Deen  You must answer for your intolerant attitude because your sorely lacking in any amount of character.  Have you ever been hated for the simple fact that you look different or your skin is of a different color?  No I suppose you wouldn’t.   There is so much that you don’t know about the history of the African American in America.  But I highly recommend that you should start.  I’d even be glad to recommend a few books for you to read.  Take some time Ms Deen to reflect just how much damage you’ve caused to we of the African American community.  Just saying your sorry just isn’t enough.  Your racial slur DID HURT! And the sad part is you just have no idea the damage you’ve caused as if African Americans haven’t suffered enough we now have to be reminded with the likes of stupid idiots such as yourself!  Look deep in your heart to realize this because our history is saturated in pain,misery, indiginity, sub human treatment.  You’ll be apologizing for the rest of your life.  Because I feel that you still have no idea just how much pain & trauma you’ve caused the African American people.

I notice not many are speaking out on this.  This only tells me?  That racial slurs must be tolerated amongst some of you out there.  There just is no love or anything else for that matter towards African Americans.  Thanks for your LACK of support.  Sorry my BLOG isn’t more to your liking….like a “Leave It To Beaver” episode.     Perhaps you all think its okay for people to call African Americans this word.  Thanks cowards!


Published by: The Lonely Shepard

Me: I grew up in an extremely abusive & disadvantaged family environment were both parents were really immature & their relationship messy! I was abducted by my Father at age 8 abused physically, mentally, degraded by his 2nd Wife, and I didn't see my Mother again until 4 years later, I had to risk my neck + my life to run off to seek help with the local police & this was way before there was any such laws on the books for child abuse. Think on that awhile. Had learning disabilities all throughout school by the time I graduated I learned nothing, was prepared for nothing out in the World. Think on that. Joined the United States Army right out of High School only reason I did join was that at the time there was an Army recruiter right on the High School campus & he took an interest in me. So I joined. I was really in over my head. But what else could I do? I lived with a single Mom who was emotionally unstable & I had ZERO support from anyone including the school staff + administrators. The military was hard & degrading to me as a woman but I got out with an honorable discharge. More about me: A series of dead end jobs, my mind was totally a mess after I got out of the Army, still had no support not even from the Veterans admin. My journey has been a total nightmare of: trying to find out about myself, learning about myself, how to live as an adult, all with no help. Now after long , and intensive filled journey I'm trying to get back on track with my life I want to go to school with the hope of one day attending University. I don't wish my journey on anyone. No one gave me guidance: as a child as a teen as a young adult I was all on my own! and it was real lonely , isolating, extremely frightening. Family? don't really have any. Now remember everyone I'm African American & I receive little to no respect I don't even warrant a speeding car that will slow down. "The person who sang the National Anthem sang the last note so high that no could reach it! That was intentional!" Belize from Tony Kushners play Angels In America. If you've read this far I will leave my email in case you want to leave me a msg. Those that are rude will get deleted immediately. Contact:

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