The Craziest Stuff Thats Happened To Me.

Yes lord, there has been some crazy shit that’s happened to me in my life.  And I’m not trying to be funny either.  I was listening to some music on YouTube mostly rap hip hop DMX, Cypress Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, Eminem, when it hit me I want to blog about crazy shit that’s happened to me living alone.   Yeah, that’s right.  People love to judge me.  And don’t know me from a can of paint but oh people love to say your this or your that ( put anything negative here)  But what some of you fail to realize that as a woman of color living by yourself on your own with no one to watch your back or even care how your doing ( that includes my Moms)  you have to be tough or guess what everyone? you’ll sure enough get preyed upon by the wolves out here.  Especially women all alone.  You can figure that one out, make one wrong decision or be too nice to some stranger & you could get violated or even killed.   Being naiive could really get you in some serious trouble, especially as a woman all out on her own.    With that I’ll give you some of the craziest shit that’s happened.   Lets see where to start.   Okay well there was the hate crime I was victim to back in 2010 which I still haven’t gotten over and I still have outbursts over that which I had early this morning.  Thing that really hurt most was no one, but no one cared.  Not the other people on the bus, not the police, not the folks at the Martin Luther King Jr. march back in January when I carried a sign which I made myself which said exactly what happened.  Just goes to show you that other African Americans here in the Pacific Northwest can be just as cold as other races, cause no one said a damn thing to me except  one middle aged White lady who said how sorry that I experienced something so horrific, so I guess I could count my blessing on that.   On top of having the “N” word screamed at me over 7-10 times the woman said she’d stab me with her knife.  She said (all the while screaming this on a packed bus) that she wanted to kill me.  Police knew this troll, I filed a report then nothing.

In 2008 I wake up in the wee hours around 2AM from a real good sleep to a serious pounding on a door like the Police was here.   I was fucking scared too.  So I put on my robe then head out to my living room.  At the time I lived out in Burien some 10 minutes from the Seattle/Tacoma International airport.  Its a bad area too.  So anyway I get to the living room and I still hear the aggressive pounding which after I’m coming out of my sleepy state is someone who is not kicking my door but the door directly across from me in rapid succession and it didn’t cease either.  I’m irritated because its 2AM, I’m woke up out of a good sleep which doesn’t come easy for me not at all.  So I say through my door to “Knock It Off” Now you know what Hey, I’m not some passive P***y I didn’t want to go & cower over in a corner. I kind of understand why people own guns its for these crazy fools. .   The psycho then screamed through my door calling me a whore ( That thing sure don’t know me calling me that as I live a life real close to a monk at a monastery)  and some other obscenities that I don’t remember.   I wasn’t expecting that, I was frozen with fear.   I did NOT open my door, I have more sense than that.  So I yell through my door that I’m calling the Police.  Then the drama stopped.  The perpetrators then ran off jumped in their car then took off.   Police came over one of them was real nice almost zen like in the way he spoke to me.   I never met a cop like this one, cause most are uptight & mean especially when they deal with people of color.  Cops aren’t too fond of the Black & Brown.  Its very true.   So I could appreciate the officers nice demeanor.  A few minutes later the perpetrator which as it turns out was the drunken neighbor who is just a little bit too fond of the tequila bottle returns to talk with the cops saying some lie cause you know he won’t implicate him or his girl ( As it turns out it was the drunken troll who was locked out of her apt by the boyfriend due to their drinking, no one explained it to me I figured it some time later 😦  ).   But that’s not all boys & girls cause you know what came next?    I got a very unpleasant surprise later on the same day.

  it might have been 2PM as I slept late ( I finally got to sleep around 6AM) Mom’s come by to check up on me.  So I go to open the door Mom is in shock mixed in with some anger, Mom’s says to me ” have you been outside and looked at the stairwell, its filthy!”    I thought that Mom’s was referring to how the lazy the maintenance was he almost never sweeps the steps which were always dirty, oh no little did I know it was much worse than a few crumbs & dirt lining the carpeted stairwell.   There was vomit cover about half the stairs! When I poked my head out the stench hit me like a 2 by 4.   NASTY!  I thought that I might puke.  Mom’s was furious as was I.   Low down nasty, evil neighbors.  My guess that it was payback for me calling the cops.   I had a feeling that this was absolutely deliberate.  Mom went directly to the management to report it.   It took almost 45 minutes for someone to clean it up.  But they did a sub par job cause the stench stayed for nearly 2 weeks after!  Every time I left my apartment I was carrying my Lysol spray.   Nothing really happened except the guy of the couple causing all this drama moved out 3 days later but the evil troll stayed.  After that I slept with one eye opened & buy an aluminum baseball bat at the local sporting goods store.  


I’ve got to continue this later I need to get ready you all, plus I’m having some technical trouble with this blog the sentances I’m typing are all bunching up. So I’ll take a break. Be right back in a little while. But before I go, remember that Dr Seuss book called “All The Places You’ll Go?” Well I need to write a book called “All The Crazy Shit That Happens!

I am back Jack! So now this brings me to the Spring of 2010. Its around Memorial Day weekend. Only I sure ain’t enjoying mine, do you want to know why? Because once again at 2AM I’m being awaken out of a good sleep by someone pounding on my door like they’re the Police scaring the absolute shit out of me because that’s just who I thought it was ….the damn Police! I am mad by this time & I ask through my front the “Who the hell is this?” The answer I got on the other end sent an absolute shiver down my spine then sent me into a panic that I haven’t know since when I was brutally abused by my Step Mom.
Here is what the male said on the other side of the door ( I will add asterisks & symbols..its bad)
“I’m here to **** you up your ass now open up”
Me: “Oh yeah M*********?”
Then the couple cause it was an much older woman with a tanned good looking young man, they came down the stairs out into the parking lot I ran to my balcony calling 911. Then like vapor they disappeared to where? I had no idea. Like a dope since I thought that they had left I told the 911 dispatcher not to send a squad car.
Now here is the kicker. I was furious so to calm myself down I stepped out onto my deck when VOILA I spot the offending couple come out with…who else? My redneck neighbor. Next day I went to the manager to tell her. Redneck Jeb retaliated by scrawling racial slurs on my door then vandalizing it. But not to worry my friends I got him back! I will not disclose what I did but lets just say that I mailed him a surprise that I’m sure he won’t soon forget. It was the first time I did anything like that too. And not too worry everyone I’m smart so there wasn’t anything that traced it back to me. And I made sure I had already moved out. Now I don’t advocate this sort of thing but when you threaten me with rape, scrawl racial slurs on my door well I kind of reached my breaking point. Well that’s it for now, I need a smoke. Stay tuned to more adventures (and misadventures) of your favorite tough broad of the Pacific Northwest cause I may just surprise you with something else. Stay tuned. Send me your love, support & prayers no matter what or how you worship.