Part Two …It was the best of times (A continuation Of Happiest times)

Sorry, I was unable to write my entire blog about my high school trip to D.C due to some sort of cliché on WordPress.  Kind of sucked.

So, back to my two wild & crazy roommates Ida & Tracy from the Bronx.  I knew little of the class structure of all the 5? 7? burroughs that makes New York.  I had no clue since this was my first ever trip to the East Coast.  So when the two girls said that they were from the Bronx for me I simply said “Okay” and that was that.  During the day when the group which consisted of us students from the Pacific Northwest & the other half coming from the East Coast attending seminars on how the government worked I sure did have a hard time staying awake because the seminars were incredibly boring, and I was kept up all night by my two hilariously funny roommates.  While on the trip the group got to see some spectacular sights of the city.  Anyone who hasn’t seen the Lincoln Monument in person?  Well let me say that seeing it on TV or reading about it in the magazine just doesn’t do it justice.   The monument is enormous.  A person is like a spec in the dust compared to this monolithic stature.  Just takes your breath away.  Same for the Washington monument although I wasn’t as impressed with that one. 

One of the things that really made the most impression on me was how the New Yorkers spoke, that’s right their accent!  It was the first time that I ever heard it in person.  On TV I had heard it but never paid much attention since I thought that the speech was TV fabricated.  Coming from the Pacific Northwest everyone sounds the same, its boring.  But I was very enamored with the New York accent.  I just love it!   I even complimented the East Coast folks about it saying that it was the best accent I ever heard.  They just laughed.  I made it a point to say just how much I loved the way that they spoke it was something both different & exciting for me being 17 and from the opposite coast.  Could be why I just can’t stand it here in the Pacific Northwest boring people, boring way of sounding, just blah like eating gumbo without any sort of proper seasoning. 

The groups trip to a burger place called Roy Rogers an inexpensive fast food restaurant where all the burgers are already wrapped up in a foil wrapper that sat under a sun lap, I think the fries were treated in the same way.  Hey I was 17 and like most teens to me this place was a paradise plus I was with a fun group of people from different areas of the states.  These days I sure wouldn’t go there since I no longer eat meat plus the food would probably taste just awful …lol!

And here was my most favorite fun of all on this trip. 

The dance.  It was held in the ballroom if I remember it right, and the dj played all classic music one which was Debra Harry whom I love still to this day.  Also some new wave music Devo , David Bowie and some other music I can’t remember it was a long time ago.  I also love David Bowie, it was the first time I heard of him, and OMG it was love.

I was also asked to dance by the most cutest guy in the whole room.  Back then I attracted the most good looking guys, don’t mean to toot my own horn but……beep, beep!  Another guy who was someone who could have passed for JFK Jr’s twin tried to flirt with me.  If you remember when JFK Jr had that shaggy curly hairstyle going on?  And that is what this guy looked like.

It just kills me now when some men say that I’m ugly.  Oh well.

But all good things must come to an end sad to say.  And OMG I did not want this to end as this was the one time in my life where I had let my hair down, got to be a kid pulling pranks, talking with the boys, I got to experience what being a teenager was all about.  I just didn’t have that around my Mother because she was always mad or screaming or worse…overall she was one unhappy woman to live around as well as she was not the warmest person to live with as a teenager.

When it came time to say goodbye it was a mixture of me crying, then going through that separation anxiety because I knew deep down that I wouldn’t see any of these kids again.  It pains me to even write about this. 

I sure do miss that time in my life.  I miss it so much


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