The Healing Center

Everyone, I’m just depressed tonight & I’ll tell you why.  Here in Seattle there is a place called The Healing Center.  The Healing Center is a non profit organization which helps people who have lost someone.  Its for people grieving.  Here is the problem that I have with The Healing Center.

The groups or the counseling which is inexpensive is only for: Youth who have lost a parent or for an adult who have lost a spouse.  I think that this is great, however the problem that I have & have had with this place is that I don’t fit into either category.  That is just downright discrimination not by race but because I am single (not by choice either).  What I’m wondering is how come the youth, adults that have lost a spouse, why are these two groups more important than a single adult woman who has not only lost her Father, it was kept so secret that I didn’t even know for sometime until I did some investigating where the heck that Dad was buried.  Then I was notified of his death by VOICEMAIL!  My life took a dive into the toilet for years.

I’ve noticed what I’ve called discrimination against people who are single.  Its just not fair!  Why leave the singles out ?  Including when we encounter the death of a loved one.   Single folks are no less important than the youth or adults who have lost a spouse.  I’ve always believed that this town is real backwards.  I just don’t get it.  And I gave the director or whatever title that the man of the Healing Center my two cents.   To me I felt that their policy stinks!   But Seattle is like that. 

If you are a single parent (gay or straight), if you are coupled, if you are a youth then somehow you have worth.  But if your single without children than its like you just don’t matter & it seems implied that you have no worth.   That’s a damn shame.  I’m ashamed to be living here.  Not only does this town have young men who have the worst manners this side west of the Mississippi but single people are treated no better than a dog it seems.   I’m thoroughly disgusted!

I have rights too!  You’d never know that living here.  Anyone thinking of moving here don’t come alone.  The breeze is worse than the North Pole.