Have Fun, But Take Time To Help Others.

Women should get to have all the fun too!

Men get to have all the fun & they get a pat on the back.

Women should be free to do whatever they want!

And make their own decisions.

Like never marrying

Not having children

One thing I’ve never liked was how boring women have to be.   Don’t know about you but I like fun, I don’t like quilting, sitting at home knitting, playing cards, working on jigsaw puzzles.   Are you kidding me?  

Even being in a relationship?  Gets boring, real boring after awhile. 

I love spontaneity.

When I start making real good money I want to travel whenever I want without anyone’s permission.

Buy that sports car over a boring mini van.  Are there women who like to enjoy life?  I sure hope so!

I hate going to bed at a certain hour, unless I have to or have an early meeting.   I would love to know any woman who gets out of their shell to have fun.  Sans any drugs.  I’m a huge fan of being spoiled & why not!  cause whats the alternative? Settling for the crumbs?

I don’t think so.  I never was into the whole family thing, I guess since I never experienced that sort of thing I grew to pretty much loathe it.

I never, ever had a burning desire to have kids, well that one made sense to me coming from the background I came from.

I don’t even like kids.   Hey I’m not ashamed to say it.    Once I receive my training, I will relocate across the border & do anything I want.

But one thing I will do is make time to help others.   I want to volunteer to help the homeless, and those suffering from substance abuse.

Actually while I’m here in this…..town I will volunteer to help out homeless.   I volunteer every Christmas down at the shelter.  For me sitting at a table with family is so boring.  Not that I have that anyway, but that’s okay.   The whole family thing is about as exciting as watching the paint dry.  I figure most don’t care and the good majority do not….until that is homelessness happens to them.

And when I mean homeless I mean sleeping outside, in your car, or wherever you can type.  I myself have stayed in a homeless shelter a real bad one, not the nicer ones that are here in Seattle.   I was treated like Sh*t too.  

Enjoying your life whats left of it, helping others less fortunate (something that is sorely lacking here in this City) is what matters.  I know after what I’ve been through in the last 7 years:

A death in the family

The hate crime nearly getting stabbed (talk about your life flashing before your eyes)

Apartment break in’s by troubled neighbors

Navigating a cold ass City with all the congeniality of a doorknob

I say go out & have some fun doing what you want.

Don’t forget to help someone less fortunate. 

I feel that selfishness should be among those 7 deadly sins.

I’ve seen enough of that to last me into the next life time.

Okay, I’ll see if I can get some sleep.  This insomnia is NOT fun!