A Sick Family, Christmas & Other Things

I’ll have to keep this short.

My PC is down, I know nothing about upkeep I just like surfing the Net & writing. 

It’s the end of 2013.   It sucked!  I lost a somewhat good friend but in hindsight she was too young, narcissitic, and well too young.

I wish her well.  I’m still drugdging along.  I have finally found a psychiatrist who will HELP MEAnd he is only charging me 150.00 A MONTH!  not an hour.   Due to my low income.   Friends out there your friend typing this really does need it!!  I’m like the sinking Titanic most times were I’m trying to figure out my next move to keep me constructively occupied!  Remember I don’t have a job, I have a serious mental illness & each minute of everyday is crucial.

Family is still the same if you could call it that. 

My Mother is severely ailling.   

Her Husband my Step Father (if you can call him that, he’s mostly infantile)  is psychiatric & I suspect a bit on the schzophrenic having did all those drugs for the past 30 some odd years.    I will NOT go anywhere near him.  I might land myself in a jail.  I dislike him that much.

So I’m on my own ALOT!  

Thanksgiving wasn’t great spent it eating a community church meal.

And I’m still struggling to make it in this world.

I miss my Father who has been dead 7 years now.

I’m still trying to find my way.

And the librarian here where I’m typing this has just announced that the library will close in a few minutes.

I love all of you.

Will you send me some love, well wishes, and most of all prayers please!

I will continue my blog on another day.

Love & kisses

The Lonesome Dove