Neighbor From Hell!

Greetings all,
I’ve been away for a little while, its only because I’ve been busy with the task of getting my life together. A 24/7 job! I don’t like being unemployed. And all the lifetime of lack of good support has indeed taken its toll.
Now onto my subject:
Neighbors from Hell!
I have one (again) I’ve lived in a series of apartments over the years & I just can’t seem to be lucky enough to live next door to a sane person!
I mean I would even settle for a neighbor like Cosmo Kramer from the show Seinfeld!
This one is a piece of work! She has anger issues, has different men over to her house & she isn’t even attractive in the remotest sense, and this woman is just overall OBNOXIOUS!
I can’t stand hearing her voice it just makes me cringe! Kind of like the feeling of when you were growing up in a crazy dysfunctional family & you dreaded when (insert whichever abusive parent here) would pull up in the driveway to come into the house.
So, about 2 weeks ago around 10PM this neighbor brings two strange men up to her apartment.
Here is what happened:
The two men were on the front porch just directly in front of my neighbors door.
It was the 2 men & my neighbor who was out of my line of sight as I was observing through the peephole in my door.
The neighbor was standing right in her own doorway, all three were talking loud & in total ‘street vernacular’ spiced up with cursing.
The two apartment doors are directly adjacent to each other, so in other words there was little privacy & lots of racket all at 10PM.
If that werent’ bad enough one of the two guys who accompanied my neighbor stands directly in front of my door! He had is back facing my door talking on his cell phone.
But let me finish up with that crazy evening with that neighbor woman & those two guys.
The noise basically kept up for 2 1/2 hours! with the finale
being that one of the two men returned only to rapidly pound on the neighbors door…he was basically slapping on the door with his open palms.
And thats not all! This same guy now stands in front of my door! His back is towards my door.
So I yell in my most aggressive & loud tone “Get away from my door”!
Why? No idea, but what I do know is that at this point I’m real nervous & feel as though my private space has been violated.
So I’m on the cell phone with Mom. Not much she can do.
So I retreat into my bedroom & TRY to lay down & go to sleep.
BOOM! goes the neighbors door as she (or someone) is slamming the door so hard it sounds like an explosion has gone off.
A few minutes later:
Then a 3rd time the same loud explosive aggressive noise.
By now I’ve had it so I pound on the wall yelling for whoever to knock it off!
I’m a total nervous wreck.
This woman is trouble. I’ve heard her in previous occasions curse very, very loudly
Slam her own door behind her young 7 year old daughter
Yell at her 7 year old daughter much the same way that I remember my former Step mother yell at me.
Made the hair on the back of my neck stand up!
When I reported the incident with the two guys to my landlord she mentioned that my neighbor has had a hard life.
Really? I would have never known that (I’m sarcastic)
The problem I had when speaking with my landlord is that she speaks so softly, I could barely understand a word that she said!
So with my lease up for renewal at the end of May 2014 I’m deciding not to renew unless there is another opening on the complex. However there are stipulations with my subsidized housing authority.
As a back up I’m on a waitlist for shelter housing for women.
You know it gets bad when you leave your residence once the lease ends for possible shelter housing.
Hope this blog makes sense cause as I type this this page keeps jumping about.
This story will be continued…
Thanks for reading


Published by: The Lonely Shepard

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