Currently I’m staying at a shelter.    However its a good one, meaning that its a non profit, located out in the suburbs & some real nice people who sit on the board fund this place.    I can’t tell you the name cause of confidentiality but what I can tell you is that its a 21 bed place where I get my own cubicle with a twin bed (that’s not real comfortable but I can sleep on it)  and there are rules like make your bed each morning etc.   You have to sign up for a shower, doing your laundry.

It’s not bad really.

I must share with you all out there reading that I just had to leave that former apartment!  I sensed REALLY NEGATIVE energy coming from that place!   It’s probably why I would always be so down & depressed!   I strongly believe in negative energy in an apartment.   Add to that negative neighbors with that neighbors friends resembling meth heads & its time for your truly to get  out! 

Oooh the things you put up with as a renter!

You all who are homeowners?  Your truly blessed!  Renting is pure hell!   Take it from me.

I just want to live in peace you all.   I want to enjoy my TV program without getting scared out of my skin.

It took me forever to even learn to live alone & now that I have …well then there is something else to deal with.

What was it that Charlie Brown always said?  GOOD GRIEF!  

Now I know I ain’t perfect I have flaws of course but the level of insane folks living right next door is just unbearable sometimes.

I’m of the old school belief that neighbors should be seen & not heard.

“hello”  “how are you”   that’s all I’m capable of.

So now I’m in between apartments and I don’t mind much.  

I’m just grateful that I’m in here cause this place isn’t easy to get into.

Waitlist!  Homelessness is on the rise my friends & at an alarming rate.

And did I mention I’m in the suburbs.   Oh yes I’m in a shelter located at the rear of a Church in an affluent neighborhood.

It’s kind of like when I read in the paper about HUD housing in Beverly Hills California!

You heard right everyone, and you probably heard it here first?   IDK

I read that above the Whole Foods market in Beverly Hills California sits  some HUD (Housing Urban Development) apartments for elderly & maybe disabled 55+.   HUD apts are for low income tenants.  And how lucky are these tenents to live there!  B.H. has real minimal crime, best Police & Fire depts.  if you can only get around the fact that your smack dab right in the middle of one of Californias richest zip codes then you’ll be fine.

Is this a great country or what? 😦