Life In The Womens Shelter

I am homeless & living in a womens only private non profit shelter the name is confidential.

I am homeless & living in a womens shelter located in an affluent suburb here in Washington State.

I live among 21 other women.   Now thats a challenge everyone!  I manage to get along with just about all but 2 or 3 women here.    Not bad for a person who suffers from mental illness among other challenges.   I seem to be managing quite well all considered.    I keep my faith in God, I try real hard to be thankful for what I HAVE!  Thats key everyone.   I tend to suffer from severe lonliness which tends to really get to me, I’ve been single an awfully long time but however I’m better at taking a spiritual approach to it.    That helps, then looking inward which this one has taken me so many years to get a handle on.  Because I never learned how to look inward or have good self esteem.

Let me put it another way.   For me its like gettting stuck on a math problem & it just carries over year after year after year.  Without anyone else telling me how I’m acting you do tend to stay stuck & not anything.   Thats just me.   Perhaps in another blog I will be able to explain it better.   For now this is the best I can do.

Living in a womens shelter you really need to be on your p’s & q’s.    Play well with others, respect one another.   It sort of feels like being back in kindergarden except its adults.   We all have hurts, we are all vulnerable.   Some of us cope in different ways.   I use humor.    I work like a maniac to find that housing, get going to enroll in trade school,  yet I try not to sweat it & freak out.    So what I do is I just don’t take myself too seriously & have a sense of humor.

Here are some downsides to living here. 

The women snore just as loud as the men.  Sometimes I get startled when I’m in my cubicle it gets so loud.

The food is donated which I appreciate but sometimes we get leftovers & lets just say that I have to bust out the Alka Seltzer tabs from time to time.

The drama!  And I don’t mean on the TNT cable network channel.  Men you understand, women no explanation needed here!

This all that I’m experiancing everyone who is reading can be a real emotional experiance…..meaning I have cried a few times while on my bed.

Well its time for my shower.    Plus I need to get to bed I’m tired.  Living in a shelter is physically draining.   Makes you tired.

Peace out!