I Don’t Like Gay Pride

I don’t like gay pride.

The reasons why is because its been my experience as a gay woman of more than 3 decades

that the people in the community are pretty selfish, cold, and bigoted.   I’ve experienced them all.

 More often than not gay women in particular just aren’t the warmest people in the World!  I’ve met several & I’m a warm,caring, sensitive woman who needs warm, sensitive, caring women to reciprocate not ones who have all the feeling of icebergs or worse the good majority of women I’ve met have been so selfish & mean, dating all the way back to the 80’s when I came out that now I really don’t like women all that much today.   If hooking up or meeting someone means that I have to go through that bullshit then I’ll stay single & get a dog thank you very much.     It just isn’t worth it for me.  

I’m at a point in my life where I am developing some good self esteem.   To get to where I’m at it took MANY LONG ARDUOUS years of inner pain, of being told that I was stupid, ugly,and worse physically abused to the point where I thought I would never recover.   So that I place my self respect above anything else.   I will not tolerate disrespect, nor demeaning remarks, or become someones verbal abusive whipping post.    Whatever happened to a kind word?   Instead some people just get off on kicking sand in your face?    I’m sorry I just don’t get the overall mindset of today.   

It’s just plain inhuman.    Pride is somewhat tacky I feel that it doesn’t properly reflect the community as a whole then there is the whole phony untruth that “We Are Family”  & “Unity”  is all a bunch of crock!  Try vicious gossip, betrayal, backstabbing, scheming, of being alienated then don’t forget a good dose of overall mean spiritness nature would more likely paint an accurate picture in navigating life as a gay woman of color. Oh and of course there is that racism! Some of the women still have that mindset straight out of the 1950’s. Its sad but true.   The community has a long way to go on how they treat each other.   I’m mostly referring to the women.   I’ve encountered some really nice gay men who were so awesome.

Can’t really say the same for the women.   Alot of them are so unhappy & deal with so much low self esteem that it often gets projected outward.     For me being gay has just not been at all!    It sucks!   No one cares about one another, too many are just plain selfish, just try going up to a gay women & talking to her.    She won’t.   

I’m all into learning a trade, working somewhere fabulous like Hawaii, get a home of some kind and a dog,

Then I’m all good.     My Mother, myself, then my goals are all that matter.

People just simply give me burnout!