Unethical Ways Of The Shelter

I live in a women’s shelter.

I’ve been there a little over 2 months now & it’s like a mental hospital.

Some not all of the women seem OUT TO LUNCH!   Crazy.     Add to it the shelter’s  assistant director from my sources say he is a total bastard!   Let me just say that the rule booklet that was given to  me in the beggining is a crock of shit!  At any time if the assistant deems necessary he will just throw you out without so much as an appeal.

Two weeks ago the shelter’s Executive Director “Kate”  just up & quit on the spot.   The reason according to my source was due to an agruement between the assistant & Executive Director.   Theres definitely some shady stuff going on over at the Administration office of the non-profit shelter.    Two of the women residents go OFF on a panic attack towards staff, my good friend was given until June 30th to leave the shelter, instead she is kicked out one week before her deadline over some bullshit that wasn’t her fault but through some backstabbing betrayal done by another woman.   

Want to know what that was?   SPAM,  the meat in a can.   One woman resident said to another how she hated Spam (OMG I hate that crap too, nastiest mystery meat ever)  so another woman

who grew up real poor took offense & really went OFF!    I mean really everyone if your going to argue there are better things to defend than some nasty ass meat.   At least thats how I feel.

Next thing that happened my friend was asked to leave.

My friend “Jane”  wastold to leave, that she only had something like 45 minutes to pack everything to leave.   When my friend Jane mentioned (to the male asshole assistant director Dick 😉  that she had until the 30th of June to leave, Dick replies that if she didn’t leave he would call the Police.   That’s messed up isn’t it?   

All kinds of crazy shit has been happening at the shelter alot of weird happenings.   I have to say that I haven’t experianced this much weird shit since my childhood days.  

Some other stuff I was told by my source was that one of the residents called  an ambulance out of some panic induced psychosis.   Also the Police arrived due   how erratic the one resident was acting, real bad!  screaming like she was being tormented according to my source who told me this story.   I’m still house & pet sitting for my friend until the 4th of July.   I thank God I wasn’t present at that crazy ass place.   At that time that this insanity happened I was away for 2 nights.

I won’t look forward to going back to that crazy  place that’s for sure.   Out of the 20 women there, there are   4 women I trust.  The rest I do NOT trust!  Two faced, and untrustworthy  I steer clear & say as little to these other women as possible.

That male asshole assistant director is shameless.   He went into the womens bathroom to approach my friend in getting her evicted.   What an asshole!

Looks like I’ll be spending as little time as possible at the shelter except to shower & sleep.

I often wonder why this male assistant director even took this job working at an women’s homeless shelter organizaiton?   Seems like Dick would have been better suited being employed as a Prison Guard working for the D.O.C.  He seems to possess a fair amount of sadistic qualities in addition to abusing his power.   Being short on height I guess he has some issues with women.   What do you think?

I Absolutely HATE Hollywood!

For much of my life everyone with all the turmoil going on I sought escape through the movies.    I used to love going to the movies.   It pretty much started when I was 5 years old when my former abusive stepdad took my Mother & I to the movies & dinner growing up in Los Angeles.    For me going to the movies was similar to going to Disneyland, I loved it so much.

As I entered into early adulthood when things were just incredibly difficult dealing with constant bigotry, abusive people, working those awful dead end jobs, no friends to hang out with,  well the movies became my light at the end of a real dreary dark tunnel for me.    During this time I had favorite actors I liked certain movies especially cute, funny adolescent type of movies that were fun to watch as well as entertaining because watching these movies were exact opposite of what was going on for me in my own life.

I have many favorite actors, movies.    One of them is the movie The Goonies!  Love it!   I also like Corey Feldman & Corey Haim especially in License to Drive which is so cute.   I did watch The Lost Boys however I didn’t care for it, somewhat too dark for me, but I loved Corey Haim.    Such a talented kid & so handsome.   I used to think of Corey Haim & Corey Feldman as royalty like two princes only Hollywood actors.

One night while watching ABC TV Network I was watching Nightline to see Corey Feldman speak out against Hollywoods vile evil secret.   Hollywood is teeming with pedophilles among the power Hollywood Moguls who exploit these kids even to this day!  Sadly Corey Feldman could not name names and I understood why……its simple everyone he would be absolutely ruined & his life would be in danger..  OMG  I only wish that perhaps he or the other Corey could have spoke out when it was happening.   Hearing this makes me sick to my stomach & makes me want to VOMIT 100 times over.

Hollywood is evil.   And I mean real evil I’ve did some research on Hollywood today.   It’s an industry full of devil worshippers I kid you not on that one.   And they don’t care.    It’s one of THE most Godless places on Earth!   I for one hate Hollywood.

Whats even more nauseating is that according to Corey Feldman these Hollywood mogul bastards are still running free making movies, getting rich & only God knows probably eyeing their next victims to treat like meat.    All you Hollywood moguls all of you, your nothing but FILTH!     I was sexually harrassed all through my life since I was 11 by boys, older men luckily I was never violated.    Something needs to be done about this evil running rampant in Hollywood but unfortunately when you have great power & associated with evil people with even greater power a person can practically do anything they want to, sad to say everyone.

Corey Feldman has written a book about his life in Hollywood it came out last fall called Coreyography which I think I might order through Amazon.com.     I for one will no longer see ANYTHING that Hollywood produces only movies I will watch are independant movies were the director produces HIS OWN MOVIE without the aid of Hollywood studios.      I still like however Anne Hathaway (Some of you quit hating on her!)  and Jennifer Anniston that’s pretty much it on celebrities and Halle Berry too,  she is pretty awesome.   However I hate Hollywood.    All of it is just loathsome to me. I used to watch the A&E reality series The Two Coreys and it was then that I really discovered just how troubled & in pain Corey Haim was in.   You saw it in his face everyone, and his good friend Corey Feldman said it.    You see when a person has an addiction there usually is a very good reason behind it.     I myself have struggled with addiction, any of you recovery folks reading you’ll know that the addiction is but a mere symtom.     

This goes out to Corey Feldman.   God will certainly bless you.   I’m so sorry you went through that evil young man.

Corey Haim rest in Heaven!   

Those in power in Hollywood all I have to say to you is this:

God believes in justice and your judgement is coming and that right soon.

Boycott Hollywood & their movies everyone.   Hollywood executives are nothing but low life perverts.


Listen, Not All People On Section 8 Are Bad.

It’s Friday.    I’m house sitting for a friend of mine Mom & I have known her for several years, I also watch her 3 small dogs, water the plants, and feed a fish.    I feel proud to have this responsibility.    My friend trusts me while she is out of town on business in Atlanta.    I am trustworthy, responsible.    I’ll toot my own horn & say I’m a great human being.       While I’m house sitting I’m looking up apartments online.    In addition to looking up these apartments I cross check them on a online apartment ratings website called  apartment ratings .com.      Great site I recommend it,  you get the actual residents reviews on what the place is really like!   Yelp.com is good too if the online reviews of the apartment your interested in is listed.     I’ve made so many blunders when it comes to finding a good place.    

More often than not I’m just at an apartment from HELL!

Shady neighbors who are total boozers or are into drugs

alot of noise & rowdiness

Neighbors from Hell who slam the door so loud & violently you’d think that someone had lit up a bomb!

Shady neighbors who then bring their shady friends who resemble drug addicts, drug dealers or both.

I think you get my point.   At times it felt like living in a war zone.     This time around I am doing what I hope is a thorough search leaving no stone unturned.    It isn’t easy & time is gradually ticking down for me to find a place.

I have a case manager who works with homeless vets ( I served a 3 year enlistment in the Army).   The case manager sent me a link to my email box, so I went to check out this place online.

One was an apartment in the city of Bothell about 5 miles North East from Seattle.    I went & Googled the property, then I went onto the Yelp webpage to check out the reviews.   All were pretty bad according to current or former residents of this particular property.    Really bad.     So its a pretty safe bet that I’ll pass on this one.     

While reading the bad review on the apartment property in question I was really irked by one persons review which said that there were alot of Section 8 that were moving in.    This person went onto say that Section 8 tenants are a bad lot.

That couldn’t be more farther from the truth!   Because I’m a Section 8 voucher recipient & I’m NOT a trouble maker.

I just want to say to all who read this blog that not all Section 8 folks are bad, rowdy, nor do we come with a brood of kids in tow.

I am a proud recipient of a Section 8 voucher everyone!  I’m like that kid in the old version of Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory who has found the golden ticket inside the chocolate bar.    Section 8 is a privilege.    I’m quiet, don’t have any children, I like to keep to myself, I like to live in peace, I loathe any sort of rowdiness, I will say hello to you but that’s about the extent of it for I have my own life that I want to build.     I stay out of trouble & I’m in bed by 11PM at the latest. 

So please don’t judge people on Section 8.   And remember this, there are always a few bad apples in the the barrel that’s with everything in life.   I just couldn’t believe the prejudice I was reading in this review.    I’m about making something out of my life.   I’m not insane, I’m not milking the system trust me being on Section 8 does lower the self esteem & I don’t plan on being on this forever.   Don’t forget brothers & Sisters that these are hard times we are facing.    Rents across the country in the United States have absolutely skyrocketed!  Housing is in great shortage with wait lists to even get into affordable housing being in the 2-5 year range, I only wish I were kidding you on this.    It’s bad.   

I am a single woman of color who deserves a quiet, nice, apartment to live.   I just don’t have time for any kind of prejudice or bigotry.

Because I’ve endured enough of that to last 100 lifetimes.

Why I Don’t Like Gay Pride.

The LGBT community seems so excited about the parade.    Not me.   I find it nothing short of hypocritical.  Meaning whatever nonsense about community & sticking together is just total lip service.   LGBT community seems like a bunch of sell outs trying to parody or copy the hetrosexual community.    I feel that the LGBT community has turned completely snobbish!   

If I’m wrong then hey all you lesbian sisters with the nice house, Wife  why not invite me I’m :



African American and I sure could use a good home cooked meal!

Gay female

Who struggles with all kinds of mean & nasty people who treat her bad especially the men who for one reason or another view me as some kind of threat.

I loathe how some of you think that your “all that”  you take everything for granted, you bask in all your gay glory with all your circle of friends you meet for the Sunday brunch….NO WAIT!  The Wife that cooks the Sunday brunch or dinner with those “inner circle of friends you’ve made”.    Isn’t that just swell?    You look down your nose at someone like me don’t you?   If I came up to you to say hello, would you even speak to me?  OR would you get all haughty & simply just ignore me?

It must be so nice to have your gal pals to hang with Sunday June 29th ….isn’t it?   

For me Gay Pride means nothing.    Just a bunch of pomp & circumstance, tacky costumes, nothing of substance seems to get addressed!   It’s just party, party, party, drink champagne, going to dinner parties, go to the clubs right? and doing NOTHING about social causes that are still affecting a large segment of the LGBT community. 

But hey you of the LGBT community don’t care, I mean it isn’t you that’s homeless, jobless, friendless because of the unimagineable prejudice & bigotry the LGBT is notorious for.    Selfish is a better term for some of you in the LGBT community.

Do you know what I’d like to see? How about a dyke give free or low cost beginner motorcycle lessons to some of us whose primary transportation is the BUS!   You won’t know why?  Your just too damn busy with your stupid girlfriend Jennifer or those idiot friends you make time for.

Why not do some outreach?   Believe it or not girls there are a good number of lesbians who are homeless.   And it isn’t only the damn gay youth either that everyone just loves to focus on.   Will you please take off the blind fold & look around you.   Those women you ignore are real human beings.    YOU out there?   The hot girl with the money who EVERYONE just loves, and I mean everyone.     Real popular ones yes I’m talking to you out there.    Your so popular!   Why not come down off your suburban house or condo pedestal & mingle with us real women.   You won’t.   I know, afraid of what your friends, Wife, or girlfriend would think.    Hey, that’s okay.

So don’t tell me about Gay Pride!

Gay Pride is shallow

It’s all about gay celebrities being a damn Grand Marshall  I mean who gives a rats ass if Mr Zulu is this years Grand Marshall?

I sure as hell don’t, unless he wants to make a sizable donation to some homeless shelters or donate food.

Gay Pride is not a damn party.

I feel that some of you forget that.   And its still dangerous to BE GAY!  With all this talk about gay marriage this & gay marriage that ….HELL  its damn hard just to survive & keep ones own sanity!   Cause some of you ladies out there sure love your mind games & abusive tactics and thats not including the Society at large OMG talk about some crazy,cruel, evil!  I know I was usually on the receiving end of all of that!  Which is why I trust NONE OF YOU!   

I think that the concept of Gay Pride is lost on many of you.   Money, career, the car, the girl…..IT’S NOT IMPORTANT!

It’s about helping one another, encouraging each other in their hour of need, being that shoulder for someone to cry on.

What being gay ISN’T is being mean like a bunch of immature high school adolescence.

Ellen Degeneres,  K.D. Lang, Melissa Etheridge, Indigo Girls….etc  Hey sisters I’m glad YOU’VE ARRIVED but would you please help bring some of these stuck up broads back down to Earth & get them involved in more than picking out what kind of furniture goes with the living room.   Cause some of these lesbos are so clearly OUT OF TOUCH!


Because On WordPress Is The ONLY Place Where I Have A Voice!

It is very difficult to put into words just how oppressive & to some extent dehumanizing my life has been as an African American female.   For half of my life people from Teachers, fellow students at school, parents, relatives, even strangers just assumed that I was stupid.   I can’t even tell you how many times I was called stupid because it has been so many.

When it came to my intelligence?  The jury was always OUT!  I mean I got ZERO in the encouragement department.   No one had the tiniest bit of tolerance or patience to help me learn.   And that pisses me off like you would not believe!!

I get so many mixed messages.   First I’m deemed not smart, now as an adult I’m smart.   Make up your minds folks!

So its at this point in my life:  I’m homeless, unemployed, and having a difficult time figuring out just how to pay for school that really frustrates even depresses me.  

The only place I feel I can express all the oppression & verbal beat downs with which I receive is here on Word press.

This country hates on African American women, and this is no lie!

When it comes to education we get totally left out!   Teachers expect less from us, and hell the majority of Teachers in the public schools don’t even want to be bothered with us.   To those Teachers I say “Fuck Off”

I want to learn engineering.   And you know what?  I’m more than capable of learning it.   I’m smart, I always have been.   Going through trauma is like getting into a car accident.   It can sometimes take YEARS to recover much like childhood & adult trauma.   But for the most part a lot of people seem too obtuse to understand this.

Also understand this:   When you constantly berate a child for not doing something correctly you do NOT call them derogatory names, insult them, or question their intelligence.   To those of you that do this, you should be taken out back & shot for being so ignorant of this fact.

I want to learn engineering.

I want to invent things.

I have it in me to do so.

To all of the haters past & present?

Kiss my ass cause once I MAKE IT & become a success I’ll be more than happy to throw it in your face.

To be continued….