From Homeless Shelter to an apartment


I have just survived 3 hellish months at a homeless women’s shelter.

Here is what I’ve endured.

Getting cussed at by an 18 year old girl who insisted on doing her Muslim praying at 2:00AM, 

We as homeless women must arise everyday 7 days a week at 6:30AM.   Then we as homeless women must STAY away from the homeless shelter until 6:30PM, if you have no where to go like I did you walk, & walk around most of that time.

Germs such as women coughing & where there is poor air circulation at the Church I was staying at.

Assaults (luckily not on me, else I would have went to jail)

Hepatitis A that was spread by someone NOT washing their hands when handling the food that we eat & then not wearing gloves!   Once I was alerted by that fact I began skipping meals & living off of…

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