People It’s Real Bad Out Here, Try Not To Forget!

Everyone how are  you all?    Today  I’m here sitting at  the Federal Way Library using the Wi Fi.    It is my one & only entertainment.    You see, although I’m in my own apartment I have barely nothing in it aside from boxes.   I’m low income, don’t have cable (nor do I want it since what’s broadcast on it is garbage) nor do I have internet hook up thus I come for free Wi Fi here at the library.

I am grateful for the food I have, but I have nothing to cook it in lol! What can I tell you all?  I buy a lot of cheap stuff that either rusts, breaks, chips then I have to dump it.   I am grateful for what I have.    I hope you all who take the time to read what I type believe that.    I just struggle with a somewhat deficient brain.

Yesterday, I was at the library on my laptop surfing the Net for information on where to go for my hair.    So I check my email inbox for what seems like the umpteenth time, when I see an email from my friend that I met during my  three month stay at the women’s shelter.   I’ll call her Ashley.   Ashley is beautiful and in my opinion you’d never in a million years expect someone like her to be in a woman’s shelter.   That means she looks like she should be in a college sorority than a woman’s homeless shelter.      See everyone homeless women could look like ANYONE!   It’s not always the old lady with layers of dirty clothes on her back talking to herself on the street.

I read Ashley’s email & she is in dire straits.  What I mean is that once her time was up at the women’s shelter (you get six months)  she went to a place that is similar to one of those youth hostels.    Equipped with bunk beds, a transitional house, where the stay is temporary I heard at this one particular place Ashley went to it was 3 months.

But  a problem occurred for her according to her email that she would only say  was a potential conflict of interest.   I have no idea what that

To Be Continued.      WordPress is giving me problems