What I’ve been told….A Poem Of Vent

Still A Struggle. One day I’ll write a published book about all of this. I just get NO LOVE!

One woman on a solo journey through this crazy ass life.

Been told no my whole life.

Been told I was useless

Been told “your a woman”  And “Women can’t do that”

Been told (regarding learning in school) “You still don’t understand that yet”?

Been told “Well how much fucking encouragement do you need”? (this was said while I struggled to write a 10th grade composition when I was in high school)

Been told that “Just because your Mother married into this family doesn’t mean that you belong to this family”   (Now that hurts_

Been told “You sure are stupid”(when I couldn’t get a math problem 3rd grade)

Been told “Well (insert a name of a neighborhood kid who was smart & did everything right) so & so does this & that why can’t you”?

Been told “you now have 10 minutes to learn to tie your shoes (I was 5)

People out there you really need to pay attention because WORDS…

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