Mothers Chronic Pain Linked To Her Years Of Physical Abuse

Now I know that most of you out there may not care but I don’t write this for you.   My Mother is 74 and suffers from years of chronic pain.   It’s linked to her years of physical abuse at the hands of her former husband the now deceased Roger Wiley.     What a guy huh?   I’m going to need many years of therapy to get over this one.     Forgiveness?  To be honest I’ll say this,  I’m glad that the bastard is dead.    And I hope where he is that LOTS of Sunscreen is provided.    This one issue is the most difficult in my life.   I want no sympathy, and I sure don’t want ANY one to tell me how I should feel.    And please refrain from that stupid phrase of “let go”   that’s not appropriate comment.    I have but a long difficult journey and let me say that each year that I grow older more gets revealed to me.    I do believe in God.   In fact I believe in Jesus Christ.   Believe me everyone when you’ve been to hell & back in life you’d better believe in SOMETHING that’s positive and for me that for me is Jesus.

I never married and never intend to.   I certainly don’t wish to be involved with anyone.   As I’ve said before if your lonely get a dog & put your trust in God because everyone else WILL LET YOU DOWN!    Believe it.

If You Like Heartache, betrayal being gay is all these things.

LGBT and all the letters of the alphabet.   Makes me irritated just say GAY!   I recommend those of you coming out of the closet beware being gay is full of heartbreak, betrayal, jealousy, especially  when your attractive & you are intelligent, thoughtful of others,  expect to experience loneliness because the community is a type of shark tank, I’ve found the men to be alright, the women well let me just put it this way…personality with most of the gay women in the LGBT community isn’t really a big priority with all the baggage that they carry around to include the self loathing it seems an impossible task establishing any lasting friendships let alone have a relationship with another woman. No thank you I’d rather root canal.   Often, you’ll experience disappointment, heartbreak, lots & lots of self centered people who refuse to grow up or act grown up.   It’s a life of pain.    The solution just live alone.   this community is FULL of racism!   IF your Caucasion you might be okay or stand a chance, but trust me when I say that this life is full of people that think ONLY of themselves, could care less about those that are less fortunate.    You know its fine if you want to marry, have the kids, etc, etc but please quit whining about what the LGBT community goes through.     I’m sick to death of hearing the whining.

Have you ever been in fear because you are not white?   Been shot when your unarmed by a Police Officer, or targeted because of your ethnicity?   Even the LGBT community is racist!   No support, this community clearly does not have your back,  oh wait unless you play sports, are Ellen DeGeneres, or some other famously rich gay woman or man.   This is a community full of hate.    And when your single, OMG will you be alienated.

For the single gay men & women get a dog, and turn to God for support!  Cause you won’t get it from LGBT community.   

Most self centered people on Earth.

Thanksgiving…Just Another Day To Me

Many of you out there are enjoying a fine feast of Thanksgiving Day turkey with all the trimmings.   I don’t have much in family.   I only have my elderly Mother with whom I love, only problem is that she is married to a very cruel & abusive man.   So that I don’t end up in jail knocking him up side the head, my Mother has graciously paid for me a hotel room for one day complete with cable (but no room service).    I’m eating cold Chinese food bought from the day before at a pretty good restaurant out in Renton,   I can only hope I can keep it down.  But so far I feel plain exhausted!  I brought along my own instant coffee so luckily in my room there is a coffee maker to brew hot water.   Happy Thanksgiving to me.   My Father dead 8 years now, no one special to spend the holiday with my depression has literally made me tired.

I feel like I worked two double shifts on a job.   I’ve got the A/C on to keep me awake, because its far too early to go to sleep, but I might just go to sleep anyway.     Know what time it is as I type this up?     3PM.

A lot is bothering me.   My own personal issues, and the issue of how homeless people are treated.    People!   Please cease with looking down your nose & being mean to a homeless person.   I feel so strongly & angry about this that I will literally FIGHT anyone that does.    Yes I want to come to blows or cuss you out!   I was bullied much of my life, so I have a zero tolerance for homeless people being mistreated.     Be real grateful you have a warm bed with sheets to sleep in each night.    I myself have been homeless as far back as 9 years old too, running away from those crazy asshole bastards who would torture me.    I pretty much loathe today.    So those of you sitting down to dinner today.      May you choke on your food!   This is one cruel, hypocritical Country.  

Attention Americans. Homelessness Is Not A Crime!

I’ve got many issues.    They could fill up the library of congress.

But the one that makes me angry to the point of boiling?  Is how the poor & homeless are treated.    And you may ask just how are the homeless treated?

Good question boys & girls.    Homeless people are treated like criminals behind bars.   Although I’ve never been incarcerated (by the grace of God, I was lucky) I do know that inmates behind bars are treated very inhumanely.  I know this because I have read books by people who either are serving time locked, or who have served their time locked up and were lucky to be released.   I believe in Hell in the after life, here on Earth that hell is called jail or the penitentiary.     Out here in the so called “free world” (Ha what a joke) human beings are supposed to be treated with some modicum of dignity…right?   Wrong!  Not if your poor & homeless.     Homeless people are treated like criminals.    Homeless people are not ever considered human.     Hey if you don’t believe me then get off your butt & go check out your local skid row in your town.    Or go to tent city,  I’m sure there are several all over what I laughingly call this great nation.

The United States Of America is supposed to be the richest country.   I often wonder who came up with that one?   Because so far I sure don’t see it?   Let me give you some examples:

On any given day I get asked for spare change.   I’ve now gotten used to it, at first I would get annoyed, now I’m just resigned,  I’m not even middle class, I’m so broke most of the time that I can’t even pay attention.   

Riding in my ride share van along downtown streets of Seattle I see encampments of tents….these folks aren’t out for some leisurely outdoor time let me tell you.

Say for example friends that your driving your car, you look & see people holding up a card board hand written sign.   The message’s on these signs that these people hold up vary with the individual.    Guess what friends?   These homeless are cropping up everywhere!    In suburbs where you see nothing but expensive cars traveling on the road.  Just everywhere.   

To be continued.    WordPress is acting up.   Againg!