Mothers Chronic Pain Linked To Her Years Of Physical Abuse

Now I know that most of you out there may not care but I don’t write this for you.   My Mother is 74 and suffers from years of chronic pain.   It’s linked to her years of physical abuse at the hands of her former husband the now deceased Roger Wiley.     What a guy huh?   I’m going to need many years of therapy to get over this one.     Forgiveness?  To be honest I’ll say this,  I’m glad that the bastard is dead.    And I hope where he is that LOTS of Sunscreen is provided.    This one issue is the most difficult in my life.   I want no sympathy, and I sure don’t want ANY one to tell me how I should feel.    And please refrain from that stupid phrase of “let go”   that’s not appropriate comment.    I have but a long difficult journey and let me say that each year that I grow older more gets revealed to me.    I do believe in God.   In fact I believe in Jesus Christ.   Believe me everyone when you’ve been to hell & back in life you’d better believe in SOMETHING that’s positive and for me that for me is Jesus.

I never married and never intend to.   I certainly don’t wish to be involved with anyone.   As I’ve said before if your lonely get a dog & put your trust in God because everyone else WILL LET YOU DOWN!    Believe it.