How Come People Mistreat The Homeless

All right, allow me to break it down for you all on just what my friend goes through as a:
Elderly woman
Who has lost everything: House, money the whole hot dog.
My homeless friend:
Gets verbally abused as well as she gets discriminated against.
Her last stay at a womans shelter she was kicked out for no other reason than
the staff hated her.
Now doesn’t that smell of discrimination & hate? It does to me.
She is in bad shape too.
My friend has gone from being wealthy to living in deplorable conditions.
Guess what everyone? No one gives a damn to help her.
I have called many places.
Here in this crummy state there isn’t ENOUGH AFFORDABLE housing.
There are waitlists EVERYWHERE!
And alot of the agencies just don’t care.
This infuriates me, people here are lazy!
I don’t know what to do for my friend.
It just doesn’t look good.
I wish I could go to some kind of support group for something like this.
You know, a support group for people who have homeless friends.
This is a VERY serious issue for me everyone. I’m extremely sensitive.
I’ve even sent multiple prayer requests online to help her.
I’m just plain upset.
Probably no one even cares out there.
But I sure do.