Allow Me To Enlighten You Starbucks…A Blog post by a shattered but resilient Black Woman.

Dear Starbucks,
I see from your latest stunt, at what I perceive at poor PR, making light
of racism in our society by placing phrases on a customers drink order is nothing short of ignorant
a human being. Your very poor ad campaign or whatever it is you call writing ‘cute phrases’ regarding race relations are in the poorest of taste.
Allow me to take you into my World on a hot summer day August 6, 2010.
I’m riding a bus heading out to a Tae Kwon Do lesson.
I’m riding a bus going out to a White suburb.
I’m on a bus when a crazy troll about 20 years old is screaming obscenities
scaring both myself & the entire bus, no let me correct that I’m TERRIFIED.
The bus ride once the driver decided to pull the coach over to the shoulder of the road
the crazy passenger in question tried to break open the window, a lovely sight as if I already weren’t terrified and traumatized I now had to witness that completely vulgar site. And let us not forget Starbucks coffee corporartion all the racial slurs all 15-20 of them I began to think that Nigger was my name. I had never been called so many racial slurs in one sitting in my life! And if that weren’t enough the woman promised to stab me with her knife. All of this hatred was said with the most twisted up facial expression so she looked like a deformed gargoyle (or Linda Blair spitting up pea soup in the Exocist) that I’ve ever been unfortunate to witness (I guess the late Rodney Kings advice went unheeded here)
I had walked away from this mess a hot mess! and TRAUMATIZED! It was the whole kit & kaboodle, the nightmares, avoiding any & everyone and I mean everyone didn’t matter who they were.
The panic attacks whenever I would ride the bus after this near death experiance/hate crime had happened to me. You Starbucks will never understand just how much I walk in fear because I’m afraid that someone will hate me merely for the way that I look. And let me say that Black women rarely get love in this Country.
Don’t believe me go online, YouTube.
I want to thank you Starbucks for trivializing race relations.
I hope you all get a cute little laugh from this.
Cause I sure don’t


Published by: The Lonely Shepard

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