I’m Angry Over How Homeless Youth Get All The F**king Media Attention!


From the ninth circle of hell otherwised known as Seattle or perhaps you might know the nickname Shit-attle.

I’m watching the worthless news, about to change the channel to something better?  I hope?  I may have to go to the tv menu DVR.   Anyway, Channel 13 news in all of their infinite (HA) wisdom is doing a story on the homeless youth in Downtown Seattle.   It may work as a good story however I question the choice of WHO  the news people chose to be the spokesperson.     The whole laughable premise of the story is to have a journalist spend a night on the streets.   OMG!  What a joke.   Probably the news people idea of spending the night is sleeping in the news van.    

The homeless person being interviewed was painfully inarticulate & it seemed that the person was on dope.   This guy was 24 years old.   When interviewing a homeless person, I’m much more interested in hearing from an older person.  The one who lost everything and is now on the streets.   This makes for a better story than some doped up 24 year old kid who traveled to Seattle from Denver because he heard that Seattle was a great place to be homeless.

Yes, you heard me right that is what the young man said.   I think that this particular person should have stayed his dumb ass back in Denver.  What makes him think that Seattle would want him?   Total idiot.   And guess what?  this no good bum WANTS TO stay homeless.   Hmmm, this town is getting scarier & real ignorant by the minute.

To all of you wanting to come to Seattle please make sure you have a job before coming, because here in Seattle we really don’t need any more burdens, we are over filled to the brim with them.

And to KCPQ in Seattle, why would you even waste your time with that flake to get a story?   Why not get a REAL interview & story, interview my homeless friend.

My friend will offer a way more intelligent story than you could ever get from that dumb lug.    Your newstation is really lame.    I’ll  just watch another station.