When Your Relatives Don’t Like You

Basically, just write them off & move on with your life. Sure it hurts like Hell! I’m sure I’m not alone. Some relatives whether your blood related, or related by marriage to me its the same especially when you’ve known the relatives for decades, one needs to just act like they never existed.
Get the bitter feelings out of your system & just do your best to forget those stupid idiots that seem so selfish & full of hate and make a good life for yourself.
Despite my enormous inner strength even I had a very hard time with this particular issue.
I have my faith that carries me through.
For me, I don’t have anyone really. I’m trying to research & build a life from the ground up! And that ain’t easy everyone. I’ve lost friends which is okay by me cause these so called friends really weren’t. As a result I’ve made a huge overall of my life. What I thought was once important the be all end all, really wasn’t worth anything at all.
For perhaps the first time in my life I realize the true colors of people. And for me I’d rather be alone than to be with person(s) who are of a poor caliber, because I know in my heart that I truly deserve so much better.
Hey everyone, it’s the reason I never married. Marrying some person who is of a very poor caliber just isn’t an option. I don’t settle with just anybody. I was smart wouldn’t you say?
I’m all about developing into a deeply spiritual person.
Cause there isn’t anything pretentious or phony about me.