People who move from other states I Despise.

1. Missouri-primarily those from St. Louis
2. Florida- Rednecks who come here giving African Americans ALOT of grief, I know I’ve encountered them.
3. California- arrogant, smug, shallow, souless

Thats all for now. St. Louis tops my list due to the ignorant women I encountered on a public bus who openly disrespected me as well as mentioned they were from St. Louis. Poor souls. And I thought that Washington sucked…lol

What I Did When A Drug Dealer Tried To Approach Me.

So I’m walking towards the bus stop during an early afternoon to go home. I just came out of the beauty school were a student messed up my hair, so I was already somewhat irate. A man was walking in the opposite direction then asked me if I wanted to buy a drug. Now, for me I have a problem with addiction. Although I don’t use drugs these creeps are dangerous for me, especially since I am always alone. Not good. I reacted with anger, I told him to get lost. Not real good but I wanted to send a blunt message and that message was “Get the hell out of my face” which was what I said.
So, in the future what I will do is avoid the particular area altogether from now on. For some reason here in the United States & where I live in particular major bus transit centers seem to the drug dealer a ripe place to market their wares.
Well goody for them (sarcastic tone) I’ve got enough problems and these with these creeps here is their M.O.
When your the D.D. customer what they usually do is give you the first drug ‘on them’ meaning the drug is free.
Then your HOOKED! From there these it’s a high probability that you’ll most certainly graduate to more harder drugs. Not ‘if’ but ‘when’. What really irritated me most about the creepy little drug dealer is he blatantly approached; young kids, women, older people hell he didn’t care.
And guess what fellow readers I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you that the creepy drug dealer guy really DOESN’T CARE! He just wants to make money off of you. Which was why I didn’t care to be too cordial with him.
However I should have ignored him. It’s dangerous here …well everywhere people.
Drugs are destroying communities, families, marriages, lives. I’ve watched documentaries about the effects of how drugs devastate lives. Of all the damage drugs can do the first thing it does is that drugs destroy your looks! Especially the drug called ‘Meth’ that shit is HORRIBLE.
By the grace of God I’ve never tried it, and I never will.
Back in the 80’s I had this friend he was a wild one. Johnny was just a platonic friend, b/c this boy was WILD! We hung out, he was a fabulous cook! I was not.
Anyway Johnny tries to get me to try this drug that at the time I had never heard of.
That drug was crystal meth.
Johnny was enthusiastically promoting crystal as the next best thing to espresso.
“This drug you can F**k all night (Eeeew)
“You don’t need to sleep” (I personally like to sleep)
And well since Johnny like to party like the song Prince would say “like 1999” He thought it was the greatest.
I declined, saying that I already suffer from an anxiety disorder, I needed to actually RELAX, and I enjoyed going to bed and actually SLEEP! one of the few pleasures of my life.
I thank God in Heaven that I was smart enough to decline, because I firmly believe that I would have began to dig a hole that I might not have ever gotten out of.
Don’t know what happened to Johnny. He wanted to get into show business so he took me out to a fabulous dinner that was expensive, then he packed up heading to Las Vegas.
I never saw him again.
So, I guess the moral to this story if there is one is just tell those low life drug dealers to keep stepping preferably away from you.
And if your feeling uncomfortable JUST DON’T GO DOWN THAT ROAD of trying that drug!
Drink some tea.
Take a nap.
Go smoke a cigarette.
Drugs just destroy you!
And I have zero tolerance for people who deal them.