People who move from other states I Despise.

1. Missouri-primarily those from St. Louis
2. Florida- Rednecks who come here giving African Americans ALOT of grief, I know I’ve encountered them.
3. California- arrogant, smug, shallow, souless

Thats all for now. St. Louis tops my list due to the ignorant women I encountered on a public bus who openly disrespected me as well as mentioned they were from St. Louis. Poor souls. And I thought that Washington sucked…lol

People Please Keep Your Mouth Shut!

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, people please stop being so damn disrespectful. I’m so tired of certain women especially women from another region, state who for whatever reason want to act ignorant or disrespectful & just run their MOUTH!
Example: I’m riding in a transit van on my way out to house sit for a friend of my Mom & Me. It’s a beautiful day, which is rare for Seattle! It’s 75 degrees.
I’m riding a van when two women get on the bus and don’t know where they’re going. The bus driver who is also a bit inept is trying to explain how to get them were they’re going.
Then the driver says “anyone want to help”
First of all I hated the ladies attitude. I won’t get into specifics but these women got indignant because the other passengers didn’t help.
Then these two broads had the NERVE to get on my case! Why?
I don’t owe them anything.
I’m sorry I thought that I lived in America….what a joke this country is.
You’ve got two grown women who just can’t figure out how to use a Google map to learn how to get where they need to be.
My issue? I was so angry! Because these two broads were SO ignorant that they were BLATANTLY saying disrespectful things and they were sitting right behind me on the van.
Now, as it stands I’m working on my spiritual side.
I’m not ashamed to say that I PRAY! I’m looking for a church which is NOT easy.
I love Jesus! In this day & age when people who are Christians are beaten up for their beliefs.
But let me tell you, should you try to challenge me I DON’T TURN THE OTHER CHEEK!
However I have much work & when it comes to disrespectful people? I get mad!
I puff out my chest!
And I want to go to War!
I’ve had to tolerate SO many ignorant & hateful people in my lifetime.
I’m attractive.
I LOOK good for my age!
However, I’m also poor.
And when I say poor, I mean POOR!
I will wear the same thing over & over.
However I keep my clothes clean, and dress alright.
But let me tell you all out there, that sure doesn’t stop those HATERS!
Haters that are envious because of what they THINK you have.
People, before you take out your insecurities OUT on another individual, THINK! about the person your spouting your venom on.
That person may be going through something really bad that you KNOW NOTHING about.
That person may be worried about the failing health of her elderly Mother who ISN’T mobile i.e. Mother can’t hardly move, walk because of OLD AGE.
That person may be thinking about her deceased Father’s anniversary.
That person may be worried about her financial state.
Just keep you mouth shut!
Do you think you can do that?
Instead of whining like some Middle School teenage girls who by the way are WAY MORE respectful than you two so called grown women.
Here is my messege to you women who were so very IGNORANT!
NO ONE owes you anything!
Did you not learn anything while growing up on learning to DO FOR YOURSELF!
You give people who are from the South a real bad name.
Go back to school and LEARN SOMETHING, cause you two get an F for effort on getting along with your fellow Man or woman.

Mothers Day

I had a great day spending it with my Mother.   That is not to say that some very painful memories didn’t spring up in my mind.   It did.  I also thought of my Father.   He’s been dead going on 9 years.   He was a self centered man child but I still miss him, for he was my Father.    I went to Church.   I like this Church.   Since all I’ve experienced was alienation I had to go somewhere.    And a whole lot has changed for me.   I no longer like the same people.   I’m WAY more selective about people in my life.   I’m still single, I have but one friend, the lady I house sit for every week while she is out of town, but it’s progress.    That’s something.

The World as a whole just depresses me.   The U.S. is depressing.   I am grateful for still having my Mother around because it was no small feet!  If you’ve been following my blogs you know what I mean.

Today wasn’t real fancy, but I had to get a bit creative or at least I thought so.

I went to Church, I liked it.

After Church I went to meet my Mother up the street at the local Denny’s restaurant.   My Mother is elderly.   And as most of you know that with being elderly for some comes with it problems with chronic pain, arthritis.   She can’t really drive so she has to rely on paratransit.    I’m poor & don’t own a car.   She can’t walk real far too.

So meeting her at the restaurant was the best I could think of.

I also rented a room at a hotel right next door using my hotel discount card & expedia .     I live in an apartment that I’ve yet to furnish.    I’m kind of like that guy from the ’90’s’ movie ‘Heat’  that starred Robert De Niro, in a scene his buddy had asked him when he was going to get some furniture for his beach house on the ocean ( all I have is a one bdrm apt).

Robert De Niro answers flatly with the following: “When I feel like it”.   lol.

So  with nothing but a bed I am staying overnight in a nice hotel in the Podunk town of Auburn Wa.   Near where I attend Church.

The room is GREAT!

Once Mom & I got up to my room after check in we both went to sleep.    The room has 2 queen sized beds its huge, I want to move in here.

Despite the wonderful time I’m having, I still have and feel the pain of Family alienation from the other relatives.

New wounds seem to have opened up for me when my Mother spoke to my Cousin who lives in Nevada.

The Cousin had let slip that she would be flying up to Washington State for a visit.       BUT no sooner had she mentioned this, the Cousin tried to retract what she had said.    See this Family  never shares anything that they do , in an  effort to lock Mom & I   OUT!


Mom & I have always been looked down upon.

Anyone else out there experience this?

There is no end to the haters