Gender Neutral Bathrooms…Purely Stupid.

I’m female and the last thing I want to see in a public bathroom is a male.   Are you kidding me?   Here in Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is going to institute this inane idea.

My reasons for debating this idea?  Men are perverts!  Men have poor aim, they leave the damn seat up!  And last but surely not least, I just don’t want a gender neutral bathroom, what a perverted idea!  Now a transgender as long as they are nipped I don’t have an issue with.  Not a drag queen but a fully operated male to female.    Another reason I hate it is the fear of being sexually assaulted.    This Country is so on a moral decline.   This Mayor has some funny ideas.   He should stick to policy & not public restroom issues.   Don’t agree with me? I don’t give a damn.   I won’t compromise on my principals to “fit in” to this set of amoral dictates.  And that’s my two cents worth.  

Not All Fathers Are Good.

I tried to go to Church.   Unfortunately it was on Fathers Day.  I say this because I kept hearing just how much all of us should appreciate Dad.   I grew irate.  Not angry but irate.  Here’s why.

My Father blew into my life like one of those tumble weeds in a bad western one day while I was at recess announcing “Hi I’m your Dad”.   I was seven years old, my parents split when I was 2 years old.   My Mothers new Husband was whom I called Daddy.   My biological Father caused both my Mother & I lots of grief.   The custody battle was real NASTY!  And I was right smack dab in the middle.  My so called Father just didn’t care about emotional scars, the trauma he put me & Mother through he just wanted me much like a farmer who wants to buy a prize pig.   That’s how I see it.   If he had any love for me he sure wouldn’t have treated me like a prison inmate.   So after all the drama subsided from the child custody I stayed with that odious man who was my biological Father & his cruella Wife for fours years age 8-12 years of age.   I was never allowed nor was it ever suggested I contact my Mother.   In fact whenever I tried to contact my Mother I was physically subdued or a lock was placed onto the only phone in the house.    On the only occasion I did get through to my Mother she came right over & knocked on the door.  I wanted to see my Mother.   What did dear old Dad do?  He physically restrained me on the bed not allowing me to see my Mother.     Now I don’t expect anyone to even have an inkling of understanding about how I feel about my Father.   He is dead.   Hopefully he has enough sun screen because in my mind he deserves to spend eternity in the after life of everlasting flames.     Thanks Dad for all the pain, trauma, psychological scars you’ve caused me & Mom.   So glad I had the guts to run away & not get caught by you.    I did in fact get reunited with Mother 4 years later so I did get someone’s attention, got someone who gave a damn.   Messege to you parents out there?  Work your shit out & quit putting your kids in the middle.   Trust me when I say that when you act selfishly your fucking up your kids for life.

I’m Sharp When It Comes To Sizing Up Most People.

Lets talk about these therapists shall we.  Or should I say my very bad experiances with these licensed social workers who now a days double as mental health counselors.    For which I feel they are inadequately unqualified, but that’s just me. 

Before I was paired up with a good psychologist   at  the Veterans Admin here, I had seen a bunch of counselors.    I’ll focus on a recent one who worked at a mental health facility where under its umbrella had a veterans affairs section.   The lady I was paired up with was a licensed social worker which supposedly meant that  she was qualified?  to do mental health counseling?  To me I would say NO on that one.   To me only a educated trained psychologist can adequately get to the root of anyones issues especially when one comes from a history of violence & chaos.

This particular lady I had seen (the licensed social wrker)  seemed out of touch, in other words?  Clueless about anyone who comes from such a horrific background such as mine.   Example?  When asked about my high school years, I said to her that I was involved in sports & that I had 3 really good friends i.e. my friends came from really good 2 parent homes, they had a nice house, the household was stable, and everything was good.   The licensed social worker was like “Really”?  I’m surprised that you even had friends”.     Talk about an inappropriate statement!  coming from this skank!   Talk about inappropriate not to mention IGNORANT but this is what you can sometimes expect from SOME so called counselors who don’t deserve that title or ranking.    In short I discontinued seeing her.   She was stupid.   Plain & simple.  Not to mention I feel that she was somewhat biased & not real well informed, nor insightful on people such as myself who have dealt with the sort of trauma I’ve seen & experienced.   To be continued, wordpress is acting wonky.                                                                                                                   

It Was Law Enforcement That Saved A Little Abused Girls Life.

Now it seems you can’t turn on your laptop, the TV, without a story about Police brutality! It scares the hell out of me because I’m an african american woman who lives in the U.S.
I am very concerned because I don’t have hardly any family, friends or a basic system of support that has my back.

However I remember way back to a time when I was a young little girl of about 12 years of age growing up in Los Angeles. I had run away from home for the 12th time. This time it was for good for I had enough of being a live human whipping post and I was enraged at my abuser the Step Mom.
When I ran, I did it completely on the spur of the moment without much thought.
After a severe beating for helping myself to some cake in the kitchen I was instructed to go outside to sweep the porch. Yeah, I know pretty odd but as it turned out a blessing.
When I finished sweeping the porch I noticed over at the far end of the porch a ball up kleenex that I have no idea how it got there.
I went over to pick up the kleenex then walked around to the back of the house to throw it away in the garbage can.
Upon throwing the piece of trash out I climbed up on top of the can, hoisted myself up & over the fence then ran like hell.
I wandered & walked for miles not knowing where I was going.
I had:
No money
Didn’t know how to ride the bus
Didn’t know any directions whatsoever
After dodging a gang of young girls trying to harass me I came upon the Childrens Home Society on the corner of a busy intersection.
I walked up the manicured lawn went up the steps then rang the door.
An elderly woman opened the door.
After she prepared a sandwich the lady disappeared through a side door in the dining room. I later learned that she called the police LAPD.
Dispatched were two young police officers. One a rookie about 25, the other a senior field officer. I guessed which was which by the way the older of the two took the lead as well as driving the squad car.
The officers questioned me acting somewhat irritated with me.
I was asked my name ( I gave them a false one)
When I gave a false name one of the officers asked me to knock it off & tell the truth.
When I did, their tone softened.
What happened next would take the next several hours of going to the local precinct, riding in the back of an LAPD squad car ( I wasn’t taken to jail or juvie) and a lot of interviews & investigations involving my biological Mother, My Father ( parents split when I was 2) my Fathers 2nd Wife who couldn’t stand me, and a nervous little girl who almost wet her own pants.
One Officer was African American, the other Latino and they were the NICEST two officers! I don’t think I would have been treated too well had the officers been White.
While I was under the two officers care they bought me an ice cream cone, fed me a hot lunch, and really cared about my welfare.
I still remember these two officers to this day.
However this was a long time ago. A different time.
Now, it’s different.
It’s a whole lot worse
Back when I was a kid though you had bad ill tempered cops.
Just not as many as today.
In 21st Century America
I’ve heard some people say this is a great Country.
Not if your African American.
Welcome to the new plantation.