It Was Law Enforcement That Saved A Little Abused Girls Life.

Now it seems you can’t turn on your laptop, the TV, without a story about Police brutality! It scares the hell out of me because I’m an african american woman who lives in the U.S.
I am very concerned because I don’t have hardly any family, friends or a basic system of support that has my back.

However I remember way back to a time when I was a young little girl of about 12 years of age growing up in Los Angeles. I had run away from home for the 12th time. This time it was for good for I had enough of being a live human whipping post and I was enraged at my abuser the Step Mom.
When I ran, I did it completely on the spur of the moment without much thought.
After a severe beating for helping myself to some cake in the kitchen I was instructed to go outside to sweep the porch. Yeah, I know pretty odd but as it turned out a blessing.
When I finished sweeping the porch I noticed over at the far end of the porch a ball up kleenex that I have no idea how it got there.
I went over to pick up the kleenex then walked around to the back of the house to throw it away in the garbage can.
Upon throwing the piece of trash out I climbed up on top of the can, hoisted myself up & over the fence then ran like hell.
I wandered & walked for miles not knowing where I was going.
I had:
No money
Didn’t know how to ride the bus
Didn’t know any directions whatsoever
After dodging a gang of young girls trying to harass me I came upon the Childrens Home Society on the corner of a busy intersection.
I walked up the manicured lawn went up the steps then rang the door.
An elderly woman opened the door.
After she prepared a sandwich the lady disappeared through a side door in the dining room. I later learned that she called the police LAPD.
Dispatched were two young police officers. One a rookie about 25, the other a senior field officer. I guessed which was which by the way the older of the two took the lead as well as driving the squad car.
The officers questioned me acting somewhat irritated with me.
I was asked my name ( I gave them a false one)
When I gave a false name one of the officers asked me to knock it off & tell the truth.
When I did, their tone softened.
What happened next would take the next several hours of going to the local precinct, riding in the back of an LAPD squad car ( I wasn’t taken to jail or juvie) and a lot of interviews & investigations involving my biological Mother, My Father ( parents split when I was 2) my Fathers 2nd Wife who couldn’t stand me, and a nervous little girl who almost wet her own pants.
One Officer was African American, the other Latino and they were the NICEST two officers! I don’t think I would have been treated too well had the officers been White.
While I was under the two officers care they bought me an ice cream cone, fed me a hot lunch, and really cared about my welfare.
I still remember these two officers to this day.
However this was a long time ago. A different time.
Now, it’s different.
It’s a whole lot worse
Back when I was a kid though you had bad ill tempered cops.
Just not as many as today.
In 21st Century America
I’ve heard some people say this is a great Country.
Not if your African American.
Welcome to the new plantation.


Published by: The Lonely Shepard

Me: I grew up in an extremely abusive & disadvantaged family environment were both parents were really immature & their relationship messy! I was abducted by my Father at age 8 abused physically, mentally, degraded by his 2nd Wife, and I didn't see my Mother again until 4 years later, I had to risk my neck + my life to run off to seek help with the local police & this was way before there was any such laws on the books for child abuse. Think on that awhile. Had learning disabilities all throughout school by the time I graduated I learned nothing, was prepared for nothing out in the World. Think on that. Joined the United States Army right out of High School only reason I did join was that at the time there was an Army recruiter right on the High School campus & he took an interest in me. So I joined. I was really in over my head. But what else could I do? I lived with a single Mom who was emotionally unstable & I had ZERO support from anyone including the school staff + administrators. The military was hard & degrading to me as a woman but I got out with an honorable discharge. More about me: A series of dead end jobs, my mind was totally a mess after I got out of the Army, still had no support not even from the Veterans admin. My journey has been a total nightmare of: trying to find out about myself, learning about myself, how to live as an adult, all with no help. Now after long , and intensive filled journey I'm trying to get back on track with my life I want to go to school with the hope of one day attending University. I don't wish my journey on anyone. No one gave me guidance: as a child as a teen as a young adult I was all on my own! and it was real lonely , isolating, extremely frightening. Family? don't really have any. Now remember everyone I'm African American & I receive little to no respect I don't even warrant a speeding car that will slow down. "The person who sang the National Anthem sang the last note so high that no could reach it! That was intentional!" Belize from Tony Kushners play Angels In America. If you've read this far I will leave my email in case you want to leave me a msg. Those that are rude will get deleted immediately. Contact:

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