I’m Sharp When It Comes To Sizing Up Most People.

Lets talk about these therapists shall we.  Or should I say my very bad experiances with these licensed social workers who now a days double as mental health counselors.    For which I feel they are inadequately unqualified, but that’s just me. 

Before I was paired up with a good psychologist   at  the Veterans Admin here, I had seen a bunch of counselors.    I’ll focus on a recent one who worked at a mental health facility where under its umbrella had a veterans affairs section.   The lady I was paired up with was a licensed social worker which supposedly meant that  she was qualified?  to do mental health counseling?  To me I would say NO on that one.   To me only a educated trained psychologist can adequately get to the root of anyones issues especially when one comes from a history of violence & chaos.

This particular lady I had seen (the licensed social wrker)  seemed out of touch, in other words?  Clueless about anyone who comes from such a horrific background such as mine.   Example?  When asked about my high school years, I said to her that I was involved in sports & that I had 3 really good friends i.e. my friends came from really good 2 parent homes, they had a nice house, the household was stable, and everything was good.   The licensed social worker was like “Really”?  I’m surprised that you even had friends”.     Talk about an inappropriate statement!  coming from this skank!   Talk about inappropriate not to mention IGNORANT but this is what you can sometimes expect from SOME so called counselors who don’t deserve that title or ranking.    In short I discontinued seeing her.   She was stupid.   Plain & simple.  Not to mention I feel that she was somewhat biased & not real well informed, nor insightful on people such as myself who have dealt with the sort of trauma I’ve seen & experienced.   To be continued, wordpress is acting wonky.