The Most Bizarre Job I Ever Worked At

I am thinking back in my work experience many jobs ago to one particular temporary job that I worked at in Seattle.  Out of all the Jobs I worked at was not just crazy but for me this felt like a most frightening experience.

The two day job was at the Starbucks corporate office.  The person in question was a supervisor.  She was tall, overweight, possessed hazel green eyes that seemed somewhat possessed and she was a fruitcake to the highest degree!

This crazy lady had an obsession with singer Clay Aiken.   For those of you not familiar with who that is, Clay Aiken had placed first or second on that show American idol way back in it’s earlier seasons.

The Supervisor had it bad for this singer, here is a list of what I noticed and see if you all out there don’t think that this lady was several cards shy of a full deck.

  1. Clay Aiken Posters pasted everywhere within the dept. On cabinet doors, inside cabinet doors, on the copier machine, above the coffee machine ( at Starbucks we got free coffee)
  2. There were Clay Aiken posters on the ceiling!
  3. Where ever there was space, or a nook, alcove, there was a good ole picture of C.A.  smiling up at me
  4. Also he was on her wallpaper on the computer.
  5. Inside both of her forearms?   Yup you guessed it tattooed on both the name Clay on one on the other Aiken.     CREEPY!  This broad was all kinds of crazy and should have had her own special padded room at the states psychiatric hospital. FRIGHTENING!     A few summers back I saw the creepy troll on a bus headed to Fremont,  it was all I could do to NOT scream in terror & run like hell off that bus!  As I was getting off she was coming right behind me.   If you happen to run into this psycho RUN!
  6. That job took the cake! Only in Seattle.   Oh one last thing, this broad had a lot of enablers, all of those co workers acted as if nothing was wrong.  Insane.

Tired Hearing About Race

Race.  Why do we insist upon being so angry?

I myself am African American I  Myself grew up in what could be described as a violent upbringing.  It was far from easy.  From the time I was eight years old was when I received what  I considered to be extremely nasty verbal treatment from a boy two grades ahead of me all because I could not comprehend a math problem.   Hey I was in the 3rd grade.   That young boy was the same race.   Throughout my life it seemed that all I encountered were angry people who shamed me, literally fought me, accused me of acting white, physically bullied me when it was discovered that my own Mother is White to include having personal possessions destroyed right in front of me and I was 7, 8, 9 years old.   I have also had to endure sexual graphic talk by two cousins which was so ugly & nasty i felt I needed to scrub down with an disinfectant afterwards.  My point is this,  who a person hangs with, dates, sleeps with, marries is really no one’s business but that person.   Stop getting things twisted,  this World is ugly and not easy to live in.   At the same time this is 2015 we have men wanting to become women ( no idea why being female is a hell all it’s own) so to each his/her own.

Self acceptance, self love is key.  That & honoring God.  I won’t tolerate shaming.   Black is beautiful but so is every other color.  Racism, sexism, misogyny are the horrible cancers that plague this Country.  Peace & harmony start with YOU!  Let people live their life and knock off all the abuse & anger.