I Practice Gratitude Except For This One Thing

I just can’t stand the Fall & Winters in Seattle.   Although I’ve lived here for many years & I can’t even afford to move the lack of sun this time of year is awful.    I’ve taken to talking to my Doctor about getting a sun lamp through the VA.   I’ll need it.  

It’s no wonder the Pacific Northwest turns out such sullen types.   And it could be the reason that I favor shows filmed in Miami (like the cancelled show Burn Notice) and Magnum PI.

Out of all the poor choices I’ve made in my life the one I regret the most was returning to the Pacific Northwest!   I’m stuck here for now.   However the day I move not ‘if’  but when someday my new city doesn’t even have to be a sunny locale.   I just want the H*** out of this State.

So for now how I’ll keep my sanity is to work on getting that passport together for  future trips up North, where I hope to make some intelligent, nice friends.   That part has been real difficult.   I would stand a better chance at winning the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweeps.   No idea where you meet nice quality friends who aren’t gorging themselves to death with food as comfort cause the obesity rate here is off the charts!  I’m still plodding along.   First step those math classes to what I hope will be towards an A.A. degree.   Where I hope to transfer OUT of here to anywhere that isn’t the Pacific Northwest.   I don’t know how I do it!   But it sure explains why some people choose to end their lives or delve deep into drug addiction.   Lucky for me my addiction is Barq’s root beer & Little Debbie’s honey buns.   I also pray ALOT!  I’m not ashamed.   It’s whats kept me sane.   

So kids here is how to stay sane when you live in what could only be described like a constant bad scene out of a movie .   Where the majority of adults here are nothing more but little children occupying a grown up body, where the weather totally sucks your soul out through your body & family is just non existent.

1. Read lots

2. Seek refuge in good music preferably of the relaxing kind

3. Watch lots of good movies of whatever your favorite genre might be

4. Pray like there’s no tomorrow cause your life just might depend on it.  I’m not joking here.

5.  Keep busy, occupy your time

If I seem to have forgotten something?  Oh well I’ll put it in the next blog.

Until next time boys & girls.

Be good.  Stay out of trouble.

I’ve Had Many Bad Breaks. A Look Back On My Mistakes, And How I Will Get On The Right Track

Yeah, I know that it’s a long title but hey, its my blog and I write what I feel.   Lately while I would sit in my apartment I took a long look inward about all the poor choices I made.   Usually when this happens I go into a manic episode.   In fact I have gone into manic episodes.

However I tried a different approach since 99.9 % of the time I must act as my own therapist because ladies & gentlemen?  There is just no one to talk with openly & honestly about such things.  So what did I do?

Took inventory over every year of my life.   Basically as children we are supposed to get love, guidance, protection, love, nurturing from our parents.  And this is just a basic honest assessment here:  If one has received NOTHING in the way of what I just listed you can be certain that you’ll develop much like our nations financial status at a pure deficit.   I have such a deficit.   Beyond potty training, learning to speak, and some basic stuff I learned absolutely not one damn thing.    I was lost, lost , lost.   And I likened my years similar to a long addition math problem.  Each time, each problem, each unresolved issue and baby there were many were carried over into the next column that after awhile my thoughts were worse than a crossword jumble.   Basically I was invisible, neglected unless I screwed up which was all the time.    You see everyone it really doesn’t matter how smart you are as a kid you receive constant horrendous experience without any kind of positive reinforcement you really aren’t going to turn out to be a high functioning person out in society.  I speak truth to power on this.

That’s not to say that change isn’t possible.    It is but its a grueling road towards recovery.   Kind of like trying to climb Mt. Everest with your hands & feet.    It has been a very painful, heartwrenching journey for me.   Hardly a picnic.   I now no longer care what anyone thinks of me.   If I don’t wish to talk to anyone….I don’t.    I know what I want….and I will get it but it won’t be easy.    A university education?   I WILL have one.   I will begin with taking online math courses which will lead to something else down the road.   I’m highly intelligent I always was unfortunately when one sustains torture of the magnitude like I endured it will weaken you, just like Kryptonite on Superman.   I’m different now.   I’m way more serious & not the carefree happy go lucky woman I once was so long ago.   I won’t settle for anything less than the best of what I want that includes friends.   The death of former friends, the constant racial epithets, a lifetime of physical, verbal, mental abuse that was so bad I should be in someones institution.   I’ve had brief stints in hospitals too.  After all wouldn’t you need a break from the World to gather yourself?  I know that I did.  

I’m keeping my eye on the prize.   All of that negative nonsense on Black women on those search engines like Google & such need to  have their heads examined.    For realCause you all know what?  No one can EVER know what each of us has endured in HER particular life to make her the way she is.     Gee, probably isn’t any negatives about any other race of women.   If I’m lucky enough to have survived years of torture that could only be compared to that of someone in a prison camp then please knock off all the hate on Black women please.   I was luck enough NOT:  To be incarcerated..EVER!,  and I’m not promiscuous.    I really defy the stereotypes.    Imagine that!   and I’m learning to speak 2 languages.   Don’t know why I feel the need to tell you all this, must be all the years of disrespect I’ve had to take on the chin and no one bothering to care, or perhaps it’s that deep seeded inner need to have a voice.

Either way Black women are:




And We Black Women are all beautiful.

Google search & others?  Go to hell, you know nothing.