I Love God Proud Of It

I Love God.  And I don’t apologize for it either.  I didn’t begin to pray until much later in life.   I’ve had a few near death experiances where I had my life flash before my eyes.

Case in point my multiple times I’ve ran away from home from age 9-12 years of age in while growing up in Los Angeles a while back I won’t say what year.   Each time I was brought back usually by LAPD with little more than slight frost bite or numbness in my feet ( L.A. temps do drop at night) and a few scratches from sleeping on the ground.   Sometimes I even squatted in abandoned buildings, someones garage, and one time someone’s vegetable garden.   The last time I ran away from the Father & his 2nd Wife I went a little farther into town although were I went I could not tell you, cause I don’t remember all the places I stopped at or went to.  Anyway some older dude approached me asking me at the tender age of 12 if I wanted a job.   I simply said “no”  I hated my life so the last thing I wanted was to go to work.   Little did I know, many years later in my life that what that scumbag was referring to was more than likely something way more dangerous.    I’ve had a shotgun waved in my face after a weekend visit with my biological Father by a crazy step dad this one was Mom’s Husband.    Faced a home invader who had a knife luckily I seemed to remain calm don’t ask me why.   Don’t know how I did it.    You know it’s funny but it seems that the particular region I live in it seems so secular even atheist.   How sad.    I certainly choose not to be, because if it wasn’t for God I just wouldn’t be here period.   I’m also now choosing to remain single.    I am also not politically correct.  Nope.  My journey is for spirituality.  I also hope to achieve that elusive goal of going to school (God willing) despite the many times I’ve changed majors.

The nice thing about being single is the freedom to live the way I want which is to serve God, help the poor.  There’s a lot of evil in this World.    I know that a lot of people say that they’ve seen it all, but I really have.   I write to live.   And that everyone is my only luxury.

Until next time from the blog of a scarred battlefield weary wounded warrior princess.  I continue to  Walk tall & demand to be treated with dignity.   Peace!