Don’t Understand All The Fuss

I’m angry.   Of What? The Syrians.   As an African American Woman who has suffered from hate, bullying, more hate all at the hands of other women sometimes other men, I am angry that despite all of the overcrowding now the Syrian people are taking refuge.   I resent it.  Today a crowd assembled at the State capitol of Olympia Washington one for the refugees others against.

I resent all of it.   But what I will tell you is this.   My heart goes out to the citizens of Paris.   Paris France has always been a favorite.   The French are known for their wonderful treatment of African Americans going as far back as the 20’s when an influx of jazz musicians began migrating there.   It is a place I hope to go to some day both Paris as well as the South of France.   I just refuse to let fear rule my life.   Remember I grew up with a brutal Step Father who was a U.S. Marine who served in Korea.    I’m more mad than anything else and no we really don’t need anymore refugees.    I guess it’s probably time to move elsewhere in the future.   I find it ironic that liberal Whites get all bent out of shape over resistance to Syrian refugees who want to come to this Country, Yet when African Americans get racially slurred then humiliated then demeaned they do nothing but ignore us.     WTF?     This Country never ceases to frustrate me.  I’m thankful this holiday for free speech because having a voice is about the only thing I have.     With little respect given me, struggling beyond my wildest dreams, A Mother who mistreats me, I thank God I have my writing abilities.   What is up with this F**ked up World??