Some TV Shows Leave Me Scratching My Head!

As a woman who has been bullied her entire life, and I mean entire life even althrough my adulthood,  I get kind of resentful with some of the shows certain networks think we the consumers want to watch.

Case in point this new show about people with downs syndrome.  Now A&E exploits them.   I too have a diagnosed disability which has been the cause of much shaming, abuse in school, at home, everywhere else.

I feel that TV exec’s just have no clue about the what the public wants nor what we can relate to.   Me, I don’t relate to someone with Down’s Syndrome.   I relate to aspects of someone who has bipolar, a learning disability, having a Mother that looks different from yourself & the kids target you based on racial hate, I relate to being sexually harassed or having someone else who develops a romantic attraction towards you then gets upset b/c you don’t feel the same way, someone who has those kinds of feelings towards me are NOT entitled to ME they must earn their right to get close.    These are things that hit close to home for me.    Some of the shows that some TV producers or exec’s who make the decisions on just what to put on TV just leave me scratching my head. Its the reason that I pick what I want to watch.   I don’t have cable, I only watch a few selected shows when I housesit at a friends cause theres no avoiding those inane  publicity commercials.

So, I’ll use that one magnificient invention that’s valuable on the remote control.

The mute button.