I hate Bullies don’t you?

I just loathe bullies.   Bullies rear their ugly heads it seems time & time again throughout one’s life, How come its alright to force how a person chooses to live their life even if it is pretty demoralizing down the throat of everyone else.   Does that not seem like bullying?  

Example the gay lifestyle.   If you love it ?  More power to you but please stop shoving in the faces of little kids, in the public school system they don’t need to be exposed to that have you all lost your minds?!   I don’t like gays, I have left that lifestyle forever.    I don’t like gays because of many reasons one being arrogance, aggressiveness, and they’re all around bullies.    After 20 years of the that lifestyle I’m leaving it behind forever.   But I don’t want to hear about it on”

TV. commercials or anywhere else.    It’s not a great lifestyle, nor is it beautiful.    It’s more like its a harmful very psychologically damaging one as well as most if not all of the LGBT are extremely disrespectful to just about anyone else except their own inner circle & whoever they may be in a relationship with.

It’s not a lifestyle that’s worth celebrating.   It’s a lifestyle that’s damaging, I can attest to that all too well.   And you know what?  You won’t be bullying me to accept your agenda.   Even if it means an all out War.   I’ll tell you how I feel in no uncertain terms.  And I’ll defend it!   Because I stand up to bullies who care about no one but themselves.