Message to you stepparents out there!

Here’s a message to all of you stepparents & would be stepparents. Are you ready? Quit being so damn selfish! and accept the previous marriage children as your own. And not only that Men & Women, but LOVE them as if they’re your own. As a former child who grew up with 2 stepparents I’ve found you all to be a selfish as well as lacking insight when it comes to the man or woman that you are about to betroth.
First off let me explain something to you.
YOU! Stepparent weather you like it or not must PROVE that you are even worthy to be a part of your spouses & stepchildren’s life.
Did you hear me? And what that means is future stepparents is that you don’t get to bring YOUR previous emotional baggage INTO the damn marriage.
It also means that ANY insecurity that YOU might have needs to be checked at the therapist office or wherever you go to talk to someone for support.
Am I getting through to any of you out there.
That also means that IF you don’t approve of how your future spouses children are raised by his or her former spouse YOU future stepparent DO NOT get to shame the children by calling them such names as spoiled, brat, bitch, bastard (names I’ve been called by my Fathers former 2nd Wife A___) You just don’t get to do that. If you have such issues future stepparent you had better get them all RESOLVED OR get ONGOING counseling. Cause YOU don’t have the right to take out your venom on innocent children that had no nothing to do with the fucked up problems of you adults who can’t seem to get your act together. I hate the lot of you. All you think about is yourselves.