Why I’ve Left The LGBT Lifestyle

The community itself is pretty racist!  Lack of cohesiveness, cliquey, full of mistrust, very, very, abusive to each other, and I could go on & on with this.   I like nothing about the community.  As a very attractive black woman the community as a whole is a big waste of my time.   Women never seem to know what they want.   It seems to me that the majority of the LGBT spend their time either guarding the person that their with much like soldiers who guard gold at Fort Knox OR

Spend their time chasing, longing, staring (quite hard that it’s downright uncomfortable) at some woman when what these women should be doing is FOCUSING on THEMSELVES!

I’ve simply excommunicated myself from this lifestyle.   The women just aren’t worth my time or attention.   I loathe the lot of them.   Women for the most part especially gay ones are just a big fat pain in the ass.    Most of them seem unhappy anyway, those that are in a relationship seem to me to be kept on a very, very short leash!   I give you a woman named Anna as one example.   I mean all the woman did one day was help me move a damn recliner chair that was arranged by my Mother unbeknownst to me & when Anna & my Mom got to my apartment to move the chair Anna’s lover was blowing up her phone every few seconds.

These women are crazy.   No they can’t do a relationship.   Take my advice women.  Your better off staying single!