Why Women Shouldn’t Marry

As an adult survivor of Parents of a very bitter & nasty divorce as well as complex severe childhood abandonment + abuse I write my own commentary on why it’s a bad idea for women to marry any man.    

Women don’t need a man.

Men are abusive & just want a Mother

Men want to play around & around leaving the woman to care for the children, the work, and everything else.

Men are lazy.

When kids enter into the picture, when the parents divorce it is often times the FATHER who likes to use the kids as bargaining chips as a way to get back at whatever perceived slight the Mother has done.  Guess what this does?  TRAUMATIZE’S both kids & the Mother.   How do I know?  I was that kid, and my Mother she is still alive but she did attempt suicide thanks to dear old Dad who didn’t want to act like a man and work things out that would benefit the kids.   However the kids seem to be the bottom of the priority list of the Father.

I’m sick & tired of all the women bashing when it’s the men who cause the damage I know from very personal experience.   My grades, my life, my identity everything suffered decades later because this kind of trauma doesn’t ever go away no matter how hard one might try.   I’ve been through the therapist mill until finally I found someone who will work through all my issues which could fill up two Navy aircraft carriers.

Women do work, however when there is pressure to have kids, then care for them you expect them to be what?  Wonder Woman ?   Kids require work!   Kids are very messy, kids run around & have energy.     Hello?

This whole misogyny what is up with that?   Stop treating women like we’re nothing but chattel.   We’re human beings.     

To be continued