Hello I’m back.   still struggling and baby it’s difficult.  but that isn’t the reason I’m writing this blog today. 

today I want to write about lottery.  what comes to your mind when you think of a “lottery”   most of you might answer money, and you really wouldn’t be too far off in thinking that.   However the types of lottery I’m really talking about are lotteries for :

affordable housing

gaining entry into a coveted spot into a quality top flight educational charter


for those of you out there who might not know what a charter school is I will do my best to explain what it is.   a charter school simply put is a much better quality education for your children than whatever the public school system offers.  it means that a charter isn’t mandated to follow bureaucratic rules over how to teach kids, charter schools don’t have unionized teachers because in the public school system it seems that all those teachers care about is their contract & trying to fire an incompetent teacher?  your more likely to get the musician Prince to rise up from the grave.    The  teaching in a charter school is above par kids lucky enough to get into one of these schools are given a quality education with a guaranteed pipeline straight into a University I think it’s something like 90% which I can say no public school can match those type of statistics, and to better demonstrate more of what I’m talking about I recommend two documentaries:

1. waiting for superman

2. the lottery

both excellent documentaries which explain the educational crisis in the U.S    I should know I am a product of the public school system & I graduated with a 5th grade math level, couldn’t put together a complete sentence and  I was ill prepared to face the real world at 18 years of age.   I was 18 going on 10 emotionally.

another lottery is affordable housing.  are any of you familiar with what that is.  well basically people on a real low income like social security can’t afford real high rent so there is something called subsidized housing which the low income person pays a small portion of their rent & the local housing authority pays the difference.   People on social security get on it for a variety of reasons to include mental health issues among others.  Now to get on this type of housing one must apply, then there is an electronic lottery to then get on a waitlist.    I’m lucky I have subsidized housing but I don’t want to be on this forever.   I hope to one day

possibly study to be an engineer I have a University all picked out.   but it seems so sad to me that in what is supposed to be the greatest country is now the poorest .  a person has to put their fate into a lottery especially if the person is poor.  this was what was going through my mind after watching the lottery documentary. 

welcome to president trumps country.  at least Hilary cared about women & their futures.