This Town Is So Bad…..

Today as I was taking my usual stroll to the store for a few things I actually wasn’t feeling so bad.   That is until while waiting at the corner light there was another black couple waiting across the street directly in front of me, (BTW I’m African amercian) I noticed something as I was waiting.  These same two people crossed the opposite street walked half a block then cut across the street jaywalking against the heavy traffic.   Now here is the thing, I don’t know these bozo’s from a can of paint so I already know that it’s them that have the problem, however this speaks volumes about the sorry ass city which I live in.  Even other African americans are hostile.  It’s not just the police & their brutality.   That’s the environment I live in everyone.   At the time of this writing I’m doing research to explore getting some seasonal work OUT OF WASHINGTON state.   I also have my eye on a school out of this state and I won’t mention where that is b/c that’s my secret.

Living where I live is absolutely unbearable no amount of online support sites help b/c a lot of those people who even seek online support are really screwed up & looking for someone to take care of them!  In other words those particular sites that I mention are very much a one way street, those sites are just not therapeutic!

And the morale of this story boys & girls?  MAKE GOALS!  then pray & figure out how they can come to fruition.  This is the lonely shepard taking a bow.   PEACE!