My View On Marijuana, Please Stay Home & Smoke!

My views on marijuana personally I hate it!  I hate drugs, narcotics of any kind except when its prescribed by a doctor.  But let me chime in my 2 cents that just because some corrupt & evil government types legalized it does not mean that you can smoke that stuff outside!   I don’t care to smell that shit while I’m walking to the store.    It stinks!  Why would anyone want to smoke that shit?   Marijuana makes you lazy, stupid.    I don’t care if its legal.   It’s still wrong.   My pet peeve are losers who park their vehicle on a public parking lot smoking it.   It’s very ignorant.  But then again this country doesn’t have a shortage of ignorance.

This goes out to the evil gangster/pimp dude who thought he was so cool in his white pick up truck in the parking lot of Chase bank, Safeway blazing up his doobie

standing outside of his truck blowing his smoke over in my direction.   Your a jack ass.   I can say it on here were I’m safe.  I can’t stand guys like you.   Hopefully your girl will dump you.   People like this make my stomach sick!