Family On The Decline

Where is the last post that I blogged about this topic 2 years ago?  I tried to pull it up on WordPress because I like to read my own blog essays, when I get that dumb message on Word press citing the following: “Oops seems like we can’t find that page”.  Can’t find my page that I typed 2 years ago?  My question is “Well were did it go”?   Is it buried with Jimmy Hoffa?   I’m incensed!  Soooo ,  I will write another blog.   I swear everyone sometimes I feel like what I say just doesn’t matter to anyone else but me.   This page is the only place were I feel that I have a voice!  When I was a little girl I didn’t have one.   Which brings me to the title of this article.    The family today has gone down the toilet.   Down the toilet.

You have Fathers that don’t stick around and what I mean by stick around I mean LEAVING.   And if by chance that the Father is in the house well that isn’t much better because everyone if said Father is working and you never see him that isn’t much better.  Example:  As a child I had a step mother (odious woman that ever lived) who would intentionally send me to bed (7-8PM) so I wouldn’t see him.  In the mornings before I would go to school, while seated at the breakfast table there would be Dad seated slurping his cereal hiding behind a newspaper.  You know I don’t even know if he even knew if I was there at all!  On the weekends when not working Father would be home watching sports were  all else would be tuned out, you could drop the atom bomb around him he would still be watching sports on that damn tv.   Do you know my friends that up until recently I hated every sport!   I like soccer, sometimes baseball but that’s because of the wonderful diversity.   However here in America families are falling apart and it’s the kids that pay the price believe me this I know!  Being raised in a single parent home is really awful I will tell the truth.  Here is why everyone.  Often the Mother will feel overwhelmed & she will blame it on the child, this I know all too well.   Don’t know about some of you but my Mother is mentally unstable she would scream at the top of her lungs, threaten with bodily harm, throw things, throw temper tantrums, scream about the cost of living & do all this to a CHILD!   A message to all you single parents:  Please don’t take out your stress on your child please!  If it gets too much for you then ship the kid off to a boarding school or a military school.   If money is an issue there are scholarships.   Anything is preferable to the instability your giving your child.    Why must the child always pay for the damn parents mistake?   Parents handle your business if you are unable to care for your kids you must let them get emancipated from you so that they can have a chance at a normal stable life.

I sure wish to God I could have had that option of emancipation from my Mother offered to me.  Because all I ever wanted was a stable loving environment in which to grow up in.     To be continued…….