This Goes Out To The Person Who Posted On I hate Seattle Website

Now I don’t proclaim to be the biggest fan of living in the Pacific Northwest.   I for the most part can’t stand it here.  But even I have to step in to defend the city to a complete hateful basher who for the most part seemed like he had experienced a lot of rejection from the opposite sex more than once.  Lets begin.

The women are extremely ugly?  and I quote this scumbag nicely is just not true.  We may not look like we stepped right off a vogue magazine but we women of the Pacific Northwest aren’t dog meat either.   And if I were to confront this asshole I would ask him how do you measure beauty?   Let me tell you male retard I come from a pretty good gene pool I am not a monster ugly woman nor have I seen some that look that way.   This retard was THE most abusively brutal online troll that I’ve seen in a long time.   Yes a troll, he was that nasty.   There are attractive women up here I know because I’ve seen them I belong to that gene pool.  

Then came how people in the Pacific Northwest dress.  That bothered me a lot.  Let me just say that this isn’t Los Angeles , or New York, this is the Pacific Northwest everyone dresses down.  People dress down because there really is no reason to dress up.   Dress up to go were you fool?   I need to point out that everywhere else people dress down.  Everywhere else, so stop talking down to people in the Pacific Northwest  .   I was bothered by something (well everything this asshole said bothered me) the person posting online had said that everyone here in the PNW dressed like we were going on a hike?   Okay snot nosed punk, it rains a lot here have you ever thought in that pea brain of yours that MAYBE here we don’t wear our nicest clothes BECAUSE of all the inclement weather we get.  And I mean it POURS! so it only makes sense to dress in the most basic of clothes angry dude.

So no the women aren’t ugly NOPE your perceptions are skewered there fool!

The dress is just fine YOU online troll just want someone to bully.   Go elsewhere but I guarantee everywhere else is basically the same…..unless you travel in the damn celebrity circles and even the celebrities dress down when those camera’s aren’t around do you even pay attention?  I need to point out to you online troll that EVERYWHERE people dress down, all this rant about people in the PNW dressing like they’re on a hike?  what does that even mean?  Perhaps if YOU TAKE A HIKE somehow maybe all that aggression may be worked out of you!   

THE HOMELESS!  I hate to break it to you homey but it’s EVERYWHERE in every city, every state.   People have lost their jobs, there is no money coming in just where do you expect them to find money?   Have you even paid attention to what’s going on around you in the World?   It’s not just a problem here in the PNW its every where…..wake up please.

Technical jobs & the guys that work them well hey they do garner the attention because they are the rock stars.  Personally I don’t give them much attention I didn’t grown in up a tech age.   I’m intelligent, I’m in good in math,  but techie’s hold about as much interest for me as the 200th season of “The Big Bang Theory”

So dude with the pent up frustration if your mad that no lady is paying YOU any attention then here’s a thought instead of whining about it like a woman DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PLEASE then shut up!  You mention you were in a bar, all the women were flocking to the techie men with the jobs what does that tell you?  If it were me I would go somewhere else….what do you think?    You’ve got to use your head instead of the other head.    Besides BARS are no place to meet ANYONE of substance if you are smart enough you’d know that wouldn’t you?   Come on guy if you describe yourself as an everyday Joe then wouldn’t it stand to reason that you should go somewhere else.   Use the head between your ears.  I think that you could stand for some good old fashioned rigorous exercise, then find something to keep you occupied I sure wouldn’t want to be anywhere near you because you sound on the verge of going over the edge.   Hell take up writing, self publish something.  But take it from me, you really need to take those damn blinders off then start working on the inside cause you won’t change anything within the PNW.   

Something else that caught my eye about this odious article was the assumption made by this parasite that no one here in the PNW is worldly.   WRONG!  I have traveled extensively.   That’s right Goober!  I’ve lived in the following cities:

  1. Los Angles
  2. Colorado Springs
  3. Virginia
  4. South Carolina
  5. Kaiserslautern West Germany
  6. Hawaii

My biggest mistake was returning to the PNW a mistake I regret to this very day.   So when you say that people here are not you simply do not know what you are talking about, at all.   You stupid fool.   I’m so glad to call you on your stupidity.  Cause you possess a lot of it.






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