I’ll Never Understand The U.S.A.’s Obsession With Sports.

I’m pretty much anti sports.  My love is for arts, writing, anything creative.   I want to puke every time I hear about the Seattle Seahawks, or anything sports related.  I think that my loathing for sports are more directed at the athletes themselves.  I’ve experienced  & seen how much of a chauvinist they can be towards women.  Now they seem to love kids which is great but when it comes to women?   They act like pigs these athletes.  

When out in public the pro athletes think that they’re too good to wait in a line, as was the case when one day I was at a Subway sandwich shop down the street from where the Seattle Seahawks practice for their training.   Two of the players from the team came in,  so in addition to myself that made 3.   Now I know that these two are not stupid, but somehow I guess they thought that they were too good to wait in line beside me but instead wanted to order at the cash register.   I simply looked at them like they were crazy.   I did wonder why those too goobers didn’t use a runner to get their lunch.     See I could care less about your pro athlete status.   My opinion is for those of the celebrity status is to stay in your protective bubble if you don’t want to deal with the real world.   Hated those jack asses.

Back in my night clubbing days when I was young I was with my best friend at the time.   We were at one of the hottest clubs in Seattle at the time so of course we had no trouble getting past the bouncer.   The club was packed there was a pro basketball team in town the rival team I won’t say who it was.  This was when Seattle had the Sonics.   Well, one of the rival team members took a liking to my friend and was talking to her.  My friend went to excuse herself she went somewhere I can’t remember might have been the bathroom.  So at the table it was just me & Mr. Sullen (not his name of course) so I tried to engage in some light conversation just to be polite ( remember I was younger, didn’t really pick up on the cue that he might not want to talk)  However, all he did was frown at me, then said nothing.   Okay ,  I was deeply hurt.   Yes he was an ass hole who played for a city in a town that has nothing but superficial people + assholes, but would it have killed him to be polite.   I don’t care if he is a pro basketball player.  So what!  it made no difference to me. 

There have been other pro athlete’s which I’ve encountered who have just made my skin crawl with their sexist remarks.   I won’t go into these awful experience’s because it will get me upset.    However, it may be why I hate pro sports of any kind.   It wasn’t always that way.  As a child I loved to watch basketball.  But as I grew older & I would meet some of these jerks that changed the way in how I view pro sports.   I hate sports.   Soccer seems okay but now it’s becoming mainstream like football, basketball, baseball.     I have to say here locally where I live I hate seeing those stupid  banners with the “12” on them.    I have such an aversion to seeing those banners.   I can’t wait for the day when I can move out of here so I won’t have to see anymore seahawk decals, or banners with the number 12.   I don’t care if this town gets a new sports arena either.   There is so much talk about the millions of dollars it will take to build a new sports arena.   I’m a bit baffled because shouldn’t the town be concerned with our current homeless problem?

To be continued….