Now Let’s Talk About School

Like everyone else I attended primary school as a child.   Actually it felt more like the public zoo because the kids I remember going to school with were hyenas.    very aggressive, and spoke in sexual graphic terms.   I didn’t like shit like that.

I’ve been talking with a school advisor at a local trade school so that I can improve the conditions of my life which is bleak, so all of the issues have been brought up to the surface,  school for me was a nightmare!

School yard bullies:  I grew up in the inner city of Los Angeles California.  If you don’t know much about L.A. then I will enlighten you.   The Los Angeles Unified School District is THE WORSE school system this side of the West Coast.   I’m not kidding.   The boys who I remember going to school with were BIG in size.   I don’t know what their parents were feeding them but they were almost the size of a teenage young man.   Bring your lunch?  Be prepared to get it stolen & you could go hungry.    Oh, and money you were expected to bring in 1 dollar (which when your poor is a lot of money) or expect to get the shit kicked out of you.   Happened to me.

Overcrowding in the classroom was so bad that the teachers solution?  was to have the kids in the classroom tutor each other.   Now that is not a totally bad idea, however for ME I was in school to LEARN.    I needed the education which I was cheated out of.   I can remember I was expected to help a classmate with his reading.   What I got for my trouble was: I was punched, verbally abused, and shamed over any & everything it did not matter.    I was an extremely sensitive child so to go through this ordeal was similar to being tortured.   And what I felt didn’t seem to matter to the teachers because they didn’t want to be bothered, why?  the teachers were just too impatient, they didn’t want to do the job that they were paid to do which was insure that the kids LEARN.     Warning to parents don’t enroll your kids at a certain elementary school that is on West Olympic blvd.   

Back to the subject of food:  If by chance you were lucky NOT to have your lunch stolen you weren’t off the hook.   Once you took out your sandwich + other goodies out of your lunchbox or lunch bag you would have kids circling around you quicker than vultures circling around dead carrion out in the desert.  I usually didn’t have that problem because I had a Stepmother that would feed me like I was a starving model (despite being so thin my clothes would hang off me) example:  carrot sticks, watery vegetable soup, crackers (sometimes)  food that you don’t really give a growing 9-11 year old youngster.

I could not concentrate on school.    To this day I don’t like school.   Never received support, help, nothing.  I think it’s now called “falling through the cracks”  whatever it was called attending public school with the aggressive kids….and I mean aggressive hyper sexed, extremely mean everything,  has left me with deep psychological scars.    No one ever noticed what I was going through, asked me what I was going through, or even asked me how my day was.     I think that I did try to open up about the difficulty to the step mom about school & her response was “Well you must have done something to deserve  it”  or something to that effect.   I think it was at this point I stopped trusting in ANY ADULT!

I have had NO ONE to talk to about this.   Such a world I live in.