When It Comes To Movies It’s Countries Outside the U.S. that Get It Right.

I’m a huge movie fan.  I am not especially fond of most American movies EXCEPT FOR THE following:

The Talented Mr. Ripley 

Dances With Wolves

Wyatt Earp starring Kevin Costner

The Godfather Part 2

But I want to talk about the Talented Mr Ripley.   The Talented Mr. Ripley was from the book written by the late Patricia Highsmith & she was THE BEST fictional crime novelist.   I loved the film.   I saw the  movie when it premiered in the theaters which was cool except the friend I was attending the movie with at the time kept bitching at the beginning of the film about how the credits took too long.   She almost ruined the film going mood.  So glad I watch movies at home now.   The movie was about a lonely financially struggling young man living on his own in a basement style apartment who works as a bathroom attendant.   Tom Ripley yearns to belong to the upper crust social arena.   Opportunity comes literally knocking one day at a piano recital thrown by a rich shipping magnate who confuses Tom for one of his son’s University classmates.   I won’t go further in case some of you haven’t seen the movie it’s quite good, Matt Damon, Jude Law do an excellent job of acting.

However, I want to see the OTHER movie based on Patricia Highsmith’s book.  It’s called Purple Noon & it was made in 1960 it was French/Italian.   I saw that the dvd is for sale on Amazon & I really want to buy & watch THIS version which according to the Amazon online reviews  is so much better than the American made version.  I like foreign films better anyway.    I kind of wish that I would have had friends who really KNOW their films, and introduce me to foreign made versions of an American made film.   Unfortunately I really didn’t know any friends like that.  I had seen lots of foreign films on my own and I usually would go alone.   I hate film festivals because here in Seattle the people here are so stuck up.    I’ve seen tons of French films, I saw movie this one made in Finland called the Match Factory Girl about a young woman who worked in a match factory, lived at home with her parents (who were so depressing I’m surprised she didn’t jump off a bridge)  she meets an accountant at a community dance , he impregnates her, then abandons her.   I was drinking that year, and I sure did need one after seeing that movie.  It was pretty good despite how depressing the subject matter.  Also, throughout the entire movie not one of the actors spoke a single word.   

American movies in my opinion are garbage.  Those so called executives when they aren’t shoving a drug up their nose are busy doing nothing more then rehashing movies from 20,30,40 years ago not to mention those mindless action pictures.  Also the American movies steal the ideas from overseas.  So simply put a movie I’m watching on the big screen might be ripped off from a movie made out of the country.   Some but not all.   I’m less & less impressed with the entertainment industry here in the States.     For those of you who may not understand good quality movies are an escape for me it is for me a healthy addiction & thank God because if it weren’t for movies, documentaries and some classic TV shows I would definitely be on drugs of some kind.   Movies & books.   I would love to have some intelligent friends who have in common with me the love of movies as well as love of books but unfortunately where I live there are nothing but children occupying adult bodies.   No social skills, extremely boorish.   I don’t have time for that.   What I notice are a bunch of adults that want to party, get drunk, or do drugs  as a hobby and to be honest I don’t like people like that.  Yeah, I like staying to myself because I really don’t meet hardly ANY people that have anything in common with me.   Or that I even like.   Got to get OUT of this city, state.    Seattle sucks!