I’M Not A Partier. Those People Bore Me.

I don’t know about any of you, I just know about me & what I know is I don’t like to party.   I like to stay at home, play cards, read, watch movies.   I find that the party lifestyle to be risky.   Party people bore me as they have nothing in common with me.   I love :  the Hawaiian islands, hiking in the islands, organic gardening, horseback riding stuff like that.     I hate drugs to include marijuana I don’t care if its’ legal it’s legally a drug.    I don’t drink that crap rots your insides out.    

I want the life I had before when I was a kid when I didn’t pick up all those awful bad adult habits.  I like fun things just not partying.   

I don’t like certain kinds of people those kinds are : Predators they are everywhere especially ones that prey on women & children.   Warning to all of you out there !  They’re everywhere.   I don’t like people who aren’t  sure of themselves or have low self esteem it’s taken me my whole life to learn it and I come from a stepfather who was abusive & a Mother who was really VERY ABUSIVE towards me, and despite it all slowly, by watching certain shows & painful growth (with no one giving me one iota of attention or giving a damn)  I have self esteem & I can stand up for myself.

Basically don’t follow the crowd.   Don’t care what anyone thinks of you.  Don’t stay with someone you don’t like just because you don’t want to be alone because trust me you’ll only hurt yourself.   This world is full of wolves even your own family can’t be trusted.   It’s real easy to fall into a trap especially when your really young.   I know that I trust no one.  I hope I meet someone who is of quality but that hasn’t happened most people don’t have a clue who they are on the inside so I guess I’ll wait a little bit longer.  All I know is I know what I want, and if you don’t I can’t be bothered with you.