Oh I Hated My Former Stepmother Wished She Never Existed

I know that this is nothing new on blogs across the internet, but I hated my stepmother.   I feel that when women CHOOSE to marry a man that has children from a previous marriage?  Then it should be a law that they go through rigorous counseling either by a professional mental health therapist or a minister.    Here is what I have experienced having been forced into a relationship with a woman I really didn’t want to know or care about as a child.

  1. The Stepmother WANTS you to adopt them as the Mother.  SO I’m supposed to forget about MY MOTHER!  go get your F**king head examined.
  2. You as a step daughter are labeled everything negative under the sun do you want examples?  “Spoiled”  “Your Mother was no good” (well that was against Mom) and other hateful things.
  3. The bitch I knew as step mother abused me physically, mentally, brainwashing me, and sexually humiliated me.   She was a pervert.

I wished that my dad never married this woman or any woman!   Because most woman see a handsome man & THINK they will love the mans previous children but they never actually do.   All these women want is a MAN!   In my father’s case he was very handsome.   My Dad resembled Harry Belafonte that’s how handsome he was.   I sincerely wished he had stayed single!   Because WOMEN can’t , won’t, don’t care for the previous kids.    Reality check this ain’t the Brady Bunch!  People like Carol Brady?  Just don’t exist!