Christmas Is Such A Difficult Time For Me.

I have a hard time with the Christmas holiday.  This isn’t up for any kind of rebuttal.   I have very little money, not much in the way of family support, I do very well not to think of people who have died.   And right on December 13th Hanukkah I had a psycho neighbor do the following:

Scream at the top of her lungs right in front of my apartment door

Punching, kicking my door

Calling me racial slurs and let me tell you something, you can NEVER get used to getting called Nigger, funny thing about this was the person who called me this wasn’t even white.   How do I know?  When she screamed through my door Nigger

I replied with “White( something or another I don’t remember).

Psycho lady screamed at the top of her lungs with “I’m not white”!   AND, this creature pushes her ugly face right up into the peep hole, where I could clearly see that yup she wasn’t white.   Wow, now I have a whole other race of people besides Whites to be concerned about.    Guess the psycho woman missed the whole Rodney King message about getting along.   And he was right too.

And it didn’t stop there either.  She continued with other vulgarities including calling me something It rhymes with punt!   Can you guess what that word is?

It continued even after she went back into the apartment next door.   Now some 10 tens after this happened I’m still not recovered.   I want to move.   I’m looking to get into a veterans temporary housing I may or may not stay the full time.   

It’s Christmas eve and I feel dead inside.  One thing I don’t want people to tell me is how I should feel.   I will not cower to anyone nor will I tolerate someone screaming their heads off for whatever reason.    This society is sure a ZOO!   I do not trust anyone, I’m not interested in getting close to anyone.   

This town I live in is pure evil.  

So much for Christmas spirit huh?