Where Am I Now?


I’m now staying on the Peninsula at a temporary transitional place for people who have served in the military.   It’s far.   It used to be a hospital now converted.   I had to get out of the other place after what happened with the drugged up angry latino woman ( who screamed through my door “I’m not white” once she called me Nigger)  man did that chick have issues!   And there were other things that were red flags around the apartment bldg  that seemed weird.    Mostly the gang members who thought they owned the apartment property.

Where I’m at is beautiful at least I’m out of crime filled King County!  However that’s not to say that the shady people are not around town here.   I know when you wait at a bus stop transit center an ADULT who is in his 30’s or 40’s says out loud that he wants to go home & get high as fuck!   that’s about as low class as one could get.   Made real sure to stand as far as humanly possible from that group of people he was with.   A real slimy bunch.

I have a room to myself which is nice with my own shower.   I’m still learning my way around like where to get stuff i.e. where are the push brooms to use on my floor?   I would kill for a throw rug right now.    I still need to tie up loose ends back in Seattle which will mean  taking the ferry ride across the water.   You know for how much I hate this state?   When you take the Washington State ferry across the water you really see some beautiful things.   Of course the deck is FREEZING!  I had forgotten all about the ferries.   Of course I had no reason to take one since I knew no one who lived across the water.   I would love to get an apartment out here preferably rent a house right here.    I don’t know.

Basically I had to hustle to get into this place & I can’t really tell you what that entailed  due to this being on the internet.    But if you’ve ever heard of the term hustle it basically means work, work, work to get going.   

Oh!  I saw my very first deer.   Read my next blog.   I nearly went crazy with fear I’m a city girl!   What was I supposed to do.   Need to straighten up the room.  Check you later.