It’s A Hard Knock Life.

Know what I hate? When someone says to me “oh well just let it go”.   I feel that’s a gaslight phrase ( you look it up not in the mood to explain)  I had to endure abusive text messages from the owner of a senior center in Nevada the one my distant cousin goes to everyday while her daughter goes to work.   The cousin who has some brain issues wanted me to wish her Daughter Happy Birthday.  I do not know her Daughter & I don’t like her stuck up Daughter.   I basically said no.  The Cousin started in on the whining (she is in her 60’s) and I told her I had to go!

I then get 10 harassing text messages from the owner of the Adult Day Center.  No one seemed to care that my feelings were hurt.  See this is what I don’t like, my life is hard I get abused then no one cares how I feel.  

I’m basically now so cold & indifferent that I don’t care anymore.   All I want out of life is:

  1. Dog
  2. Home with a yard
  3. Career
  4. Not living in King County I hate that County in more ways than one.

So since no one cares that’s fine.  Just don’t expect me to care about you.   Maybe here at this transitional home for veterans I’ll get what I need because I sure don’t get what I need anywhere else.   Nor do I get listened to.    I need to find a loving church to belong to.   I hate how much the world is changing.   

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