Learning To Navigate The Peninsula Town.

While I am making goals of what I want in a permanent home which I hope will be a duplex ( not an apartment I HATE tenants) or rent a house I in the meantime need to learn to navigate around this small town & let me tell you it is remote.

You can stand on the corner & see nothing but road which circles around the water & houses which is nice but it makes it hard to get your baring’s.  I was finally able to find where to catch the bus on this sprawling campus with the misguided directions from one of the other residents ( real confusing).  It’s very nice here.   So far I’m not bored at all.   I need a few books to read.  There is a library here but nothing that interests me.    Everyone is into this Dean Kootnz.  I like Patricia Highsmith.   Right now I’m in my room, I’m not in the mood to socialize much how it is here where I am there are 3 tv rooms community for both men & women then one tv room just for the women.   I never like to go into the community room with the men.   Why?   Don’t trust them.   And I don’t feel safe.  Now the one that’s for the women it is usually taken over by one of the senior residents who loves Law & Order SVU.   The show is good but I can’t stomach it all the time.   Then after that goes off the senior resident I’ll call her Rhonda likes to watch MSNBC  The Rachel Maddow show  again I ain’t feeling the politics.   So I stay here.   I call my Mom, things aren’t going to well.   Her refrigerator is on the fritz!  Oh well could be worse.   I’m about a month smoke free & I have my nicotine gum.   Oh how I want some juice right now!   All that’s available are pop machines I’m avoiding pop cause I want to lose weight.    Tomorrow is when I will venture out to town to pay a bill…….I owe late fees on my rent which sucks but oh well at least I got help with the rent for the last month at my now former apartment which I’m so glad to be leaving from.   The landlord who is a really nice woman won’t even penalize me  for the remaining months left on my lease which I still had a few months to go.

If anyone has any suggestions on what mistakes I can do to avoid moving into another ghetto place, then I’m open to them.   This time around I really want to move into a quiet house?  No partiers, or a duplex.   Then hardest part about moving anywhere are the neighbors!   I don’t like to live next door to drug addicts , partiers, domestic violent spouses, or anyone that’s not peaceful.    I want to avoid that!   This incident that happened last month (see my blog Neighbor from hell) was the 2nd time a traumatic experience like it happened since 2008 at another apartment.    That concerns me.  I don’t even like it when people smoke pot.   I have zero tolerance for any of that nonsense.   It’s for that reason I need to live in a quiet area.   Please keep me in your prayers.    I’ve had housing problems for YEARS!  Lived in several places.   I only liked one which was a rented home in a suburb of Bellevue Wa.   Had to move because the owners of the property sold it & gave us tenants 4 weeks to move.  After that? it was one awful dump after another with the same caliber of people.