Get Out!

No, I’m not talking about the movie.   I’m talking about I had to get out of my former apartment complex.   Some years ago I ran into a former friend on Facebook, and she explained to me how she had to move out of her HUD subsidized apartment which was in Lake City because of all the drug dealing.   I really see parallels now to how I had to really haul ass & move out of where I was to get away from the crime.    She was fortunate in that she had relatives back East to stay with after she left Seattle.

All the elements of crime were rife in the last apartment building I lived in ladies & gentlemen.    There is a Gang that has claimed the back lot of the building as their own, why?   I have no idea they like it & have laid claim to it.   I would come home from grocery shopping to find these low life’s out on a public sidewalk 4:30PM drinking  beer straight out of the carton or case like they were at a back yard barbeque.   One of the cretins even had nerve enough to TURN AROUND to give me some sort of mean mug as if to challenge me or something.    Try to be courteous to these people & cross the street several feet away & this is what you get.   A low life criminal who doesn’t appreciate that your trying not to make WAVES!.    I think they like to create drama , is what I think.   I’ve seen one close up.  There is absolutely ZERO warmth in their eyes.   Dead eyes.   Like the kind that makes your blood turn cold.   Gangs in your area are no joke people.   I don’t like them because they interfere with your everyday life.   

  1. They take over a city block that you may like to walk down on.
  2. All of a sudden one day a memorial vigil goes up out in the open where everyone can see on a section of the apartment property honoring their dead homey.   May they rest in peace but why do the rest of us non gang members need to see the memorial?  That’s why there’s funeral homes that take care of those kind of sad experiances.   I mean lit votive candles, red roses, a cross, bandanas (which usually indicate a gang color known as a flag) no one needs to see that.
  3. Gang graffiti no one needs to know who you are.   I thought that these groups run in the shadows.  So why am I seeing their graffiti?

Oh, and my favorite one was one day I’m coming home from the store & some punk or punkette is driving a car real fast down the cul de sac road.   He/she right at the very end at the last minute hits the brakes were the rear end of the car does this 360 degree turn, like the one Paul Walker did in the Fast & Furious.   Really childish & stupid.   But then again these people aren’t really known for their good sense.   It was this experience & the loco woman who came to my door that led me to make a decision to just get the hell out!  I really HATE the criminal element.   Contrary to what lies they like to espouse they don’t belong anywhere in our society.  They’re pariahs.