A Safe Place FOR ALL & Not Just For Some.


Today as I went out to a local thrift shop here in my new home, I was waiting for the bus to take me back.   I noticed a sticker which read “A Safe Place”  Upon closer inspection the sticker posted on the window of the establishment read that it was for the LGBT community.   I say great.   But I have a question.   What about people of color?

Black, brown, Native, Indian cultures etc don’t we warrant any such stickers?   Because let me say I have been a target of HATE!  Just by how I look alone.   2010, 2017  I heard the word Nigger several times like it was nothing.   Often it is used to really degrade me.  I don’t care how tough a person you are if your black person this word cuts to the core.   Of course I have no choice but to take it on the chin because NO ONE will stand up for me.  No one cares.   I sure would like to see someone get what they deserved over calling a black person out like that.   You out there that like to throw that word around like it’s nothing you better be careful WHO you talk to like that.

Offend the wrong person & what you say may be your last words on Earth.   I’m sick & tired of being called that vile word.